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Computerworld's customer service department is happy to help you with any subscription related problems you may have.
For your convenience, most customer service can be handled via the internet.
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  • You may also write to:
  • Computerworld
    PO Box 3500
    Northbrook, IL
  • Or by calling:
  • (888) 559-7327 or
        Outside US at: (847) 559-7322
  • Or by fax:
  • (847) 564-9453
  • Or by email:

    For paid subscriptions
    One Year paid subscriptions to Computerworld are available at the following rates:

    1 year

    Central South America
    All Other


    Prepayment in US dollars is required on all orders. For further information, or to place an order for a paid subscription, please contact Customer Service at the numbers above.

    Back Issues

    Back issues of Computerworld may be purchased (depending on availability) on a pre-payment basis only, payable in U.S. dollars. Back issues are available at the following rates:

    All Other


    If you wish to place an order please contact customer service at (888) 559-7327 or outside the US at (847) 559-7322.