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Privacy Vision & Mission

Our Commitment to Privacy and Data Governance

“At Omeda, our vision is centered around putting our Clients in control of their customer data through a governed, consolidated record view that allows them to effectively manage consent and privacy preferences without sacrificing revenue and product opportunities in an ever-evolving privacy-conscious world.

 Omeda’s Privacy Vision and Program ensures that every Client can achieve success with their first-party data, without sacrificing privacy or neglecting customers consent through our commitment for data transparency, security and product innovation."


Data privacy has become an important part of any organization. Here at Omeda we’ve always focused on protecting and governing the data we are tasked to manage on behalf of our clients. Given the rise of data protection regulations, and the growing risk of data breaches and cyber-security incidents, Omeda’s role as a steward of our client’s data has grown even more operationally critical to our clients, and to us as an organization.

To fulfill our privacy vision and mission, Omeda has established a formal Privacy Program, and is committed to a Privacy by Design/Default framework to drive our privacy strategy, industry leadership, and best practices both for our clients and internally at Omeda.

Privacy and Data Governance will continue to feature prominently in our communications, training and awareness exercises, both internally and externally, as we mature our privacy program.

Privacy Program Manager


Bettina Lippisch, CIPM

Vice President, Privacy & Data Governance

Privacy & Data Governance News

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