Omeda Adds a Consent Management Platform to Their Suite of Offerings

    Last updated: July 16, 2020

    The CMP Solution Creates Further Consent Options for Brands to Comply with Data Privacy Laws

    Chicago, IL – July 16, 2020 – Omeda, the industry’s leading audience relationship management platform, announced the release of their latest offering, Omeda’s Consent Management Platform (CMP). The new CMP solution allows users to easily gain consent and manage audience preferences for their data. Working in conjunction with Omeda’s Customer Data Platform, the new tool integrates seamlessly with the rest of your MarTech stack to provide accountable data management in real time.

    James Capo, Omeda’s Chief Revenue Officer, notes, “Creating and integrating our Consent Management Platform into our existing suite of offerings was an easy decision. Our platform is already situated to not only identify known vs. unknown customers, but to truly understand and create a full picture for each individual customer. Attaching consent preferences to each of these profiles was a logical next step for Omeda as your audience data is at the core of all our tools.”

    Omeda’s CMP has a variety of features and capabilities. With a preset process and standard data organization already in place, the tool automates proper permissioning based off each customer profile. CMP users can provide their audience with information needed to make informed consent decisions, by customizing cookie categories and descriptions. Omeda’s Cookie Library can also be leveraged so that commonly used cookies are correctly categorized. As time passes, customers’ preferences are respected, and modification of their consent decisions can be easily executed.

    In a time where data privacy is more important than ever before, the Omeda CMP is here to provide simplicity, guidance and solutions for all your consent management needs.

    For more information about the CMP, visit the Omeda webpage here. If you would like to talk to Omeda about using the CMP, email

    About Omeda:

    Headquartered in downtown Chicago, Omeda is the leading audience relationship management platform built for media professionals allowing you to acquire, unify, manage, and activate your data. Omeda provides a real-time, single view of your audience through 24/7 data storage, data management, data matching, and data activation. Offering everything from subscription fulfillment, email marketing, CDP web behavioral and activation services, Omeda delivers a full suite of customizable services to best meet the needs of any media company. Through the development of rich behavioral audience profiles, Omeda delivers deep business insights and analytics while also providing new, data driven, revenue opportunities.

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