Too many logos : We’ve All Seen The Chart. How Can We Reduce the Tech Stack (And logo obsession)?

    Last updated: July 17, 2023

    One of our favorite charts to glance at is the beastly Marketing Technology Landscape (MarTech 5000). It was created in order to show (in an aggressively visual way) the extreme amount of vendors available to Tech Companies. Back at our annual client conference, James Capo, our CRO, pulled up this chart to talk about the challenges facing B2B Media companies today. Not only are there a lot of choices for MarTech Companies, but many of these vendors overlap in function.

    The questions we all must ask are: How many of these do I need? Are they performing similar job functions and is there overlap? Am I using them to understand my audience to the best of my ability and then making that data actionable? Is there a flow of data throughout? How may logos will it take to solve this?  It’s a conversation that seems to fit our narrative of reducing the tech stack (and logo obsession) in the market.

    We are reinvigorated to review the effects of this topic after reading the recent ‘rant’ article featured in MarTech today, written by Integrate’s CMO Scott Vaughan, “It’s Time to Change up your MarTech Stack”. Scott explains that while it’s exciting to marketers to show off their tech stack in a series of logos on a slide, the focus should be more on what is being achieved and how this can be conveyed this to their organization. One of the most important take-aways is what Scott says about the dangers of only showing the logos vs. analyzing what is necessary and creating the value for your business, “The danger is that it underlines that we know how to acquire stuff, but doesn’t necessarily show that these acquisitions represent investments in business-value-creating technology and tools.”

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    At Omeda, our goal is to continue to invest in our platform to reduce the amount of logos you should need. We want to echo the sentiments in Scott’s closing thought –there should be data flowing seamlessly between your systems. It is this flow that will allow you to more effectively understand your audience, build the strong campaigns that target and engage them in the mediums which they prefer or frequent, and to build new revenue streams. As always, please keep the dialogue open with your client success team on how we can continue to grow your business at

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