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Your Success Is Our Top Priority.

The Client Success Team Can Help Monetize Your Data, Grow Your Audience, and Implement New Technology & Products

Each team member brings a unique skill set, from working as experts on our products to working within the industry for 5-10+ years. Your client success team member will act as a partner and be designated to your group in order to drive innovation and revenue.

Tony Napoleone | VP, Client Experience
Nicole Backaus | Director, Client Success
Laura Hynes | Director, Client Success
Ray Provencio | Director, Enterprise Solutions
Erin Aguilar | Manager, Client Success
Hayat Ali-Ghoneim | Manager, Client Success
Whitney Carrier | Manager, Client Success
Bill Ciesielczyk | Manager, Client Success
Nick Grisch | Manager, Client Success
John Kalomiris | Manager, Client Success

Diana Moreno | Manager, Client Success
Ryan Olson | Manager, Client Success
Marcus Pfirrman | Manager, Client Success
Nina Selkirk | Manager, Client Success
Andreja Slapsys | Manager, Client Success
Kate Thomas | Manager, Client Success
Kati Tucker | Manager, Client Success
Jim Wessel | Manager, Client Success
Bandy Langton | Specialist, Client Success


The client success team helps you realize the full value of your Omeda platform through:

  • Serving as your lead point of contact on the full product suite & helping you identify and reach goals through a consultative approach
  • Actively training and leading educational demos and webinars
  • Integrating with internal departments to keep up with and transfer knowledge on best practices and evolving trends
  • Gathering all client feedback and cycling it back through our teams and executives to improve functionality
  • Guiding you and keeping you up to speed on all functions and products; including onboarding, training, and client support

"Omeda has so many offerings & integrations. I really enjoy helping my clients understand how they can take advantage of new features and products."


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