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Consent Management Platform

Discover the opportunities of a CMP solution created with a strong CDP behind it. Custom built on a library of cookies, the Omeda CMP allows users to easily gain consent from all audiences.

The Omeda platform integrates all of your customer data into one location, allowing you to further consolidate your MarTech stack. Gaining consent from your various audiences is easy with our Consent Management solution that pairs with our robust CDP.

The library of cookies contained within the tool helps to provide your audience with the information they need to understand how your platforms use cookies to improve their experience and serve content relevant to them. With this understanding, your audience can easily provide their consent to the categories of cookies your platforms use.

What Does it Do?

Automates the consent management process

by serving the proper permission based off each unique customer profile.

Modifies consent when requested

in order to keep user preferences updated.

Utilizes our cookie library

to provide your audience with the information they need to make informed consent decisions.

Seamlessly integrates with your MarTech Stack

providing you with the advantage of storing all of your data in one spot.

Integrates rich behavioral data in real time

in order to provide or block cookies according to your audience's preferences.

Easily customizable

so messaging and consent categories are consistent with your platform's branding and deployment of cookies.

Now is the time to establish best practices and have the right systems in place for all of your audience data privacy needs. Simplify your technology and recognize the difference of a highly effective and targeted Consumer Management Platform like Omeda's CMP.

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