Having people land on your content doesn’t indicate if they actually read it, liked it or were moved by it enough to forward it on to someone else. Counting all of the ‘page views’ or ‘impressions’ no longer provides enough relevant information to assess and measure the quality of your content or the success of your media campaigns’ effectiveness.

Digital media companies and their advertisers have come to realize that engagement is a much more important measurement than page views. Through tracking clicks, comments, and shares, you get an undisputed assessment of the content’s impact.  Engaged readers don’t just open a page, scan the largest headlines and then depart — instead they remain long enough to absorb the content, consider the ads, possibly comment and look for ways to tell others. Engaged readers visit, interact, repeat. Time spent on each page is a major engagement metric to show you just how effectively you’ve grabbed your target market’s attention.

Length of page views are nice, but actions are invaluable.  Duration is a useful metric, but alone it isn’t enough. If an audience member arrives at your content but then leaves their desktop, you can quite easily have a false impression of their interest. The key then is the response or immediate reaction that occurs. Did they heed a call to action? Was there another step taken down the sales funnel such as requesting more information? Did they click a share or upload button? The goal is to connect with audience members who become loyalists, who become customers, who become advocates. That is how marketing campaigns designed to manage audience relationships become successful. When the audience is targeted effectively and given quality content across multiple formats, then the data derived from their behaviors translates into the creation of new data streams. The more knowledge you have about your audience’s behavior, the more tailored your content, the more riveted your readers, and the more attractive your site becomes to advertisers.

When you build upon a foundation of engagement, and not just page views, you can more effectively create a single 360 degree view of your audience, manage how you target them, and deploy programs across owned and operated brands that lead to a positive impact on your bottom line. To learn more about our robust suite of products that work to engage audience members with tailored messaging across their customer journey, reach out to us at clientsuccess@omeda.com