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Email – Behavioral Data

Opens and Clicks and Recipients

Within Audience Builder, you have the ability to query your email behavioral data; the opens, clicks and recipients.

This can be helpful to identify your engaged email customers and also those un-engaged email customers. You will use the open and recipient fields to find the customers that received and opened or received but did not open an email.

Using the click field, you can find those that received and clicked on a link in an email you have sent to them. In addition, each link may be associated with keyword(s). You can search for customers based on the keywords of the clicked links by selecting the keywords within the Click skittle. If you do not specify a timeframe for the keyword, we will default to the last 6 months. To find out more about setting up keywords, visit this article.

These fields provide the flexibility to choose the number of emails, the timeframe in which the email was opened/clicked/received, and the deployment type(s).

You can also search by Track ID. This field is available in each of the Email Behavioral Data fields, Opens, Clicks and Recipients. You can search for multiple Track IDs by using a comma separator.

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