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Email Opt In/Out Lookup


This service returns Opt In/Out information stored for a given customer.

Base Resource URI


is the abbreviation for the brand
is the email address you are searching for

Technical Requirements

The HTTP header must contain the following elements:

a unique id provided to you by Omeda to access your data. The request will fail without a valid id.
a content type supported by this resource. See Supported Content Types for more details. If omitted, the default content type is application/json.

Supported Content Types

There are three content types supported. If omitted, the default content type is application/json.


JSON is the preferred data exchange format, because it is lightweight and, in most cases, faster to process and utilizes less bandwidth. There are many available open-source JSON libraries available. See for details.

Supported HTTP Methods

There is one HTTP method supported:

See W3C’s GET specs for details.

Field Definition

The following tables describe the hierarchical data elements.

ResponseInfo Elements

Attribute Name Data Type Description
Filters Array Array element containing one or multiple Filter elements (see below)
EmailAddress String The email address submitted in the request.
Submission String Unique id for your request.

Filters Elements

Element Name Data Type Description
Source String How the filter was inserted into our system.
DeploymentTypeId Integer The id for which the deployment is opted in or opted out.
Status String Whether the customer is opted in or opted out. IN=Opted In, OUT=Opted Out
Brand String The Brand for which the deployment type id belongs to.
CreatedDate Datetime The date and time the filter was created.
ChangedDate Datetime The date and time the filter was last updated.

Response Examples

The possible HTTP response codes are as follows:

bad request
nothing found
internal server error

Successful Response (HTTP 200)

In these examples, the email address is opted in deployment types 42432 and 480643, and it is opted out of deployment type 528143.

JSON Example

         "Source":"Optin API 2",
         "CreatedDate":"2010-12-15 11:10:05 CST",
         "ChangedDate":"2010-12-15 11:10:05 CST"
         "Source":"Optin API 2",
         "CreatedDate":"2010-12-15 11:10:05 CST",
         "ChangedDate":"2010-12-15 11:10:05 CST"
         "Source":"Optin API 2",
         "CreatedDate":"2010-12-15 11:10:05 CST",
         "ChangedDate":"2010-12-15 11:10:05 CST"

Error Response (HTTP 404)

In these examples, no Opt-In nor Opt-Outs are found for the email address

JSON Example

         "Error":"There are no opt-ins/opt-outs for"
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