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Odyssey – Goal Element

Voyage creators can leverage the Odyssey Goal element to track the success of their voyages and remove audience members within the voyage that have met the goal. This will prevent audience members from receiving additional marketing efforts if they have already met the purpose of the voyage.

After adding an Audience element to your voyage canvas and clicking the element, the voyage creator can then provide their Goal Criteria in the element inspector on the right side of the canvas.

Using the Goal Element

You can add a goal to a static or continuous voyage by clicking ‘Create Goal’ from the ‘…’ icon at the top right of the canvas.

Once clicked the Goal element will appear on the canvas. This can be moved on the canvas but cannot be connected to other elements.

Within the Element Inspector on the right side of the canvas, you can select and Audience Builder query or create a new one that represents the goal for your voyage. For example, if your voyage is promoting an event, your query would consist of all registrants for that event.

You can also choose to upload an External Goal File, if the audience members who meet the goal are stored in another system. A Customer Id or Email Address is required in your external file.

When a voyage with a Goal is In Progress, each audience member within the voyage will be checked against the goal element every 30 minutes. If an audience member meets the criteria, they will be suppressed from visiting additional elements in the voyage.

Additionally, the Goal element can be paused and additional External Goal Files can be added while the voyage is In Progress.

If Reporting is toggled on, audience members who meet the criteria will be displayed beneath the goal element.

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