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Release Notes for V20.9

Audience Builder

Add Product Membership Toggle to Crosshatch Report

The Product Membership (active/all) toggle will now be available in the Crosshatch Report. This will allow users to toggle the Product Membership from active to all while in the Crosshatch Report UI.

Data Loader

Region/Country Lookup

Data Loader will now populate Country Code when files are processed containing the correct Country Name and the same will be true in reverse.  If a file contains the accurate Country Code, Country Name will be populated.  Region and Region Code will also behave the same way.  If a file is loaded with a correct Region or Region Code, the other will be populated if it is not provided.

Update Data Loader Confirmation Email to Include New Record and Update Record Count

We have added more information to the Data Loader confirmation email.  Confirmations will now include the number of rows created or updated during processing.

Allow Client Users to Uncheck the Auto Cleanup Setting

The Auto Clean Up Validation rule has been changed to allow external (and internal) users to toggle the setting on and off.  Previously, this could not be done without contacting your Account Manager.

Promote Changes to Template

Users will now have the option to save changes made to a file’s mapping on the template they have selected.  For example, when loading a file that has more fields than the selected template, the option to save the new mapping (to the template) will now be available. 

Available Settings: Information on How to Make Validation Rules Appear

Now that many of the Validation rules are shown/hidden based on mapped fields from the input file, we have created the Available Settings button.  This can be found at the bottom of the Settings step in mapping. The information will show the user all Available Settings, the definition and what fields are necessary to show or hide that particular setting.

Implementation of the Sub-Menu

A sub-menu has been implemented in Data Loader across the top blue bar, next to the Data Loader UI Identifier.  This sub menu mimics the side navigation bar.

Behavior Attributes Mapping Validation

Behavior Attributes require a Behavior to be mapped to be committed to the database. To better guide the user though this, an error level validation will be triggered when a user maps any of the Behavior Attribute fields, but neglects to map a Behavior field. This error will prevent the user from processing the file with just Behavior Attributes mapped.

Standardize Matching Results in Terms of Customers

Matching rules have been updated to be more standardized and to respond the same way when matches are detected. Previously, some matching options would automatically reject new customers. Now, if no Match is found, the record will be added as new – unless the rule “Reject New Customer” is also applied. If multiple matches are found, then a decision will be made based on the Omatch Score or most recently updated customer – unless the rule “Fail Too Many Matches” is also applied.

Move the “Step has Errors” Pop-Up

The pop-up message alerting the user that the current “Step has Errors” has been moved so that it doesn’t soft-lock a user into Edit Mapping. This will allow the user to continue editing the step and address those error/s.


Merging Paths – Allow Visits to an Element from Multiple Source Elements

Odyssey voyages can be simplified with the new merging paths functionality. Multiple paths can now connect into one element which prevents the need for duplication if paths contain a common series of elements. Multiple elements can feed into one element as long as the connection is supported and the second element is not a Wait.

Allow Audience Builder Query Outputs to Use a Custom Output Format

Output Criteria is now available to select when an Audience Builder query is added as an Audience Source. This feature allows users to populate merge variables using fields included in the criteria and review the field data in deployment reports.


Personalization – Add Destination URL with Link Tracking to Insert Image

When an image is inserted into Personalization, users can now provide a link via the insert image modal and Olytics click tracking will be applied.

Reports – Email Builder

Replace “Brand” on All Email Builder Reports with “Database” 

The instances of “Brand” within the Email Builder Reports have been replaced with the word “Database” to better align with the terminology in the Portal.

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