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Reports-AutoRenewals Analysis Report

The AutoRenewals Analysis Report provides a detailed account of the performance of your autorenewal campaigns. The user can choose to zero in on a single product or run the report against all of your products at once. The report will run by default on the current month, but you can also customize a date range to see a specific time period as well. Reporting goes back as far as mid-February 2021 when the historical data compilation was activated. This report can be found in the Audience Reports section of the Reports and Analytics page in the Omeda portal.

Just a few of the key features of this report are:

  • Total count of charging attempts comparing success/fail rates, including total dollar amounts involved.
  • Real-time tracking of the pay-ups on failed charges including total dollar amounts.
  • Total impact of Pay Ups on success percentages of all past runs and total revenue realized from Autorenewals
  • Clickable data: The report values are clickable to allow retrieval of the customer details behind the numbers, including the reasons behind any failed attempts.
  • For multiple runs in a month, the product count is expandable to see each daily run if desired

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