Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: You’ve got audience data coming from email, your website, ads, social media, etc. But you can’t get all that data in one place — and activate it — in time to actually connect with your audience.

Northstar Travel Group, a B2B information and marketing solutions company, found themselves in this spot. They had a wealth of information about their audience, but it was spread across several different marketing tools. So they spent more time trying to organize their audience data than they did actually using it to reach them.

To simplify their tech stack, the Northstar team turned to Omeda, an end-to-end audience marketing platform. With Omeda’s CDP, they were able to bring in data from each of its marketing channels, then store it in one easily accessible place. In one glance, they could see how each person in their audience engaged with them across every channel. From there, they used Omeda’s marketing automation solution to personalize their outreach to each one.

After partnering with Omeda, Northstar Travel Group:

✅ grew their audience by 37%
✅ increased email efficiency by 56%
✅ achieved 100% redeployment of database and development resources

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