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Simplify Your MarTech Stack

One Unified View. One Platform.

Too Many Tools?

Combine best-in-class marketing technology in a stand alone platform that seamlessly integrates all of your audience data.

With Omeda, all of your data is in one place — discover the difference with:


[replace miscellaneous platforms such as Marketo and Hubspot]

An open canvas allows for all of your marketing automation needs as your campaigns work together fluidly and tie back in real time to your database. Robust analytics and reporting round out the seamless voyage that you will take your customer through.

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[replace platforms such as Blueconic, Tealium, and Lytics]

While other CDPs are designed to provide a simple point solution strategy, our CDP is part of the overarching audience orchestration. We understand that your audience engages with your brand and content on multiple channels whether that be print, email, web, mobile, or events. The Omeda CDP was just nominated as a finalist for the second year in a row by SIIA as a best-in-class CODiE Award Winner in the Customer Data Platform category. Activate your audience through targeted messaging.

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[replace miscellaneous subscription fulfillment providers who don't understand or offer the complete picture and integrate with the rest of your marketing efforts]

From digital to print (paid or controlled), Omeda has a deep rooted history in subscription management. Our fully integrated system tracks not only the audiences digital activity but the off-line activity when it comes to subscription management as well.

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[replace miscellaneous forms that don't tie back to your database]

Acquire audience data with forms that tie directly to your database. The relationship between Form Builder and your existing Omeda database is a two-way street: new data collected through the forms is immediately passed back to your database while your current data can be used to authenticate users and gate content.

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[replace systems such as BigQuery, mongoDB, and Snowflake.]

Gain a single, 360-degree view of your customer by bringing all of your disparate data into one, easy-to-query system. Using 24/7 data storage, management, matching and activation, you can build rich profiles for each of your customers. Through this real-time, unified view of your audience, you can capitalize on demographic and behavioral data and seamlessly use the query across our solutions to effectively target your audience.

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[View all of your marketing efforts in one spot]

Omeda dashboard offer you a unique view of your marketing tech stack. Customize what you want to see on your personal dashboard at login.

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Simplify Your MarTech Stack

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