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Success Stories

 The success stories are brought to you by our Client Success Team. The team partners with clients and partners on a daily basis as well as on webinars, white papers and case studies. In order to share their successes with the greater community, we have brought this library of stories to the forefront.

Success Story Collective

PMMI Media Group's Impressive First-Party Data Growth

See the steps PMMI Media Group took to grow their first-party data, including the tools they used, to achieve their goal of converting unknown visitors to known.

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B2B Marketing Improves Email Deliverability

Learn how B2B Marketing and Omeda partnered to build back sender reputation, improve inbox placement, and grow net unique opens. By focusing on deliverability through meaningful engagement, list quality, and emails that inspire opens, B2B Marketing saw strong results.

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Becker's Healthcare Soft Gate Meter

Learn how Omeda partnered with Becker's Healthcare to set up a soft gate meter. Learn from Katie Atwood, Chief Operating Officer at Becker's Healthcare and Nicole Backaus, Client Success Director at Omeda on how they implemented the meter and the results achieved.

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Northstar Travel Group 37% Audience Growth

Learn how Northstar Travel Group simplified their tech stack, grew their audience, increased email efficiencies, and reallocated database and development resources.

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The Versatility of Odyssey

Review how four of our clients - Sosland Publishing, Access Intelligence, Allured, and Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) - are utilizing the open canvas of Odyssey and creating voyages to best engage their audiences.

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Cahaba Media Group Reduces Audience Churn

Learn how Cahaba Media Group partnered with Omeda to reduce newsletter churn by implementing an automated re-engagement process.

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Annex Business Media's Virtual Event Series

Learn how Annex Business Media grew their virtual events series by connecting audience data to drive registrations and serve sponsored content to registrants. Review how Annex and Omeda partnered to integrate the Virtual Events space with Annex's audience data.

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Lessiter Media and Progressive Profiling

Establish successful progressive profiling campaigns using Omeda's tools. Originally a webinar, Omeda and Lessiter Media put together these resources for how to set up a campaign and measure its success.

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Metering Client Success Stories

Review two metering success stories by Omeda clients. Through partnering with Omeda, both Becker's Healthcare and Lessiter Media recognized strong results.

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Exploring Personalization Modals

Review six strong modal examples from a variety of clients, which show off different features for designing modals. Activate your audience through an engaging personalization or convert audience members from unknown to known visitors.

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Looking to learn more about our platform or general media industry topics? Check out our webinars! Future webinar registration is also available - brought to you by our Client Success team!

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Review the research performed by the expanded cross-functional Omeda team. Explore the industry reports and email engagement reports in order to get the pulse of where others are with their metrics.

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White Papers

Explore our white papers, which range in topics, from progressive profling to automation. Gain insights on how others are establishing successful campaigns and engaging their respective audiences.

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