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Omeda White Papers

The library of Omeda White Papers is filled with information on the media industry. Topics span from automation and email engagement to data management and GDPR. The subjects were selected in order to best help our clients and partners innovate through building new products and strategies. 

White Paper Library

The Versatility of Odyssey

Review how four of our clients are utilizing the open canvas of Odyssey and creating voyages to best engage their audiences.

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4 Essential Best Practices to Boost Email Deliverability

Beat the hurdles of making it into the coveted inbox. Read about top trends and methods for boosting email deliverability.

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Progressive Profiling with Lessiter Media

Review ideas on how to successsfully set up a progressive profiling campaign.

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3 Ways to Implement Progressive Profiling — Build Up Your Audience

Find inspiration from three Omeda clients who each implemented different ways to progressively profile.

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Getting to Know Your Web Traffic

Learn how to convert unknown to known. This paper goes over specifics for how to grow your known audience.

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Automating Email Re-Engagement Efforts

Reconnect with your audience and strengthen your marketing efforts to reach out in creative ways and bring them back.

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How GDPR Impacts Publishers & Media Companies

Review the slides from a GDPR presentation on the impacts of GDPR on publishers led by law firm Neal Gerber Eisenberg.

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Personalization Modals White Paper

Review six strong modal examples which show off different features. Activate your audience through an engaging personalization.

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Audience Relationship Management

Audience Relationship Management is the all encompassing model that is needed to acquire, unify, manage and activate your audience.

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Meter Client Success Story

Review two metering success stories. The meters were implemented by Becker's Healthcare and Lessiter Media.

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