Omeda for Marketing Services Teams

Accelerate client objectives

Your marketing services business is only as strong as your audience. Maximize your data and audience investment to scale your lead gen programs and confidently deliver on your client’s growing requirements for precision targeting and high-quality leads.

State of media and audience today


of media companies report increasing or maintaining their audience investment, however most lack a formal plan.


of Media and Audience Pros say unknown-to-known conversion is their biggest challenge.

According to Omeda’s State of Audience Report

Build ABM, lead gen, and events audiences

Greater visibility into your audience starts with better data strategies. Consolidate your siloed data to get a clear view of your audience so you can identify and target them to meet ABM, lead gen, or event goals to drive market share and revenue.

Target audiences across multiple channels

Orchestrate relevant multi-channel surround campaigns and programs seamlessly with Omeda to increase audience engagement and drive high-quality leads and conversions for your clients.

Confidently deliver against client objectives

Precision targeting? ABM? Buying committees? That’s on every B2B client’s mind and every RFP. Omeda helps you identify, manage, and target your valuable audience to reach your client’s targeting and lead-gen goals without sacrificing user experience or privacy.

If we take strength in the power of the audience, we should be able to convey that confidence to our advertisers that nobody knows our audience better than us, and then it just becomes a game of campaign execution for a client.”

Patrick Lynch

Senior Vice President, Sales and Strategy


Scale your marketing services and accelerate
client objectives confidently.