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Accelerate audience growth

Audience development is a 24/7 job, whether you’re at your desk or not. And it requires investment in always-on integrated technology, data, and automated processes to accelerate audience growth and maximize revenue. Omeda provides the operating power to deliver your audience requirements from one integrated platform.

State of media and audience today


of Media and Audience Pros say unknown-to-known conversion is their biggest challenge.


of Media and Audience Pros say disjointed workflows are keeping them from connecting to their audience and achieving their goals.

According to Omeda’s State of Audience Report

Confidently deliver on audience requirements

Get more out of your audience efforts. Omeda increases your productivity and gives you greater visibility into your unknown and known audience to capture their attention and guide them into higher value states to deliver on your requirements confidently.

Convert unknown audiences to engaged subscribers and community members

Know who you know, and know who you don’t know. Dynamically identify known from unknown audiences so you can collect privacy-compliant data and create thoughtful, relevant experiences that drive unknown to known conversions and deepen engaged audience relationships.

Activate 24/7 audience development strategies

Audience development needs to be an always-on strategy. Automate your workflows and processes to create 24/7, always-on programs using observed behaviors and first-party data to continuously engage and convert unknown audiences and increase the value of your subscribers and known audience.

Having everything in one singular database—the email deployment and the audience management—was a game changer. Being able to see the stats and the deployments and setting up the queries without worrying about working with a third-party system, all of that was really key for us.”

Vesna Moore

Director of Audience Development

Annex Business Media

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