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U.S. Federal Privacy Law on the Horizon: What’s in the Proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA)?

In May 2022, the U.S. Congress introduced the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA), which was amended and passed on for a House floor vote shortly thereafter. While the bill is still a work…

All the data parties explained

You’ve heard of first-party data, but how does that relate to second-party data? And what is zero-party data? Why is third-party data not recommended? In this post, we’ll dive into the key characteristics of each…

Top 10 Security Tips That Will Keep You and Us Safe

From the Omeda Privacy Office: It’s easy to assume that scammers only target people who aren’t informed or act careless, but today’s cyber security threats are becoming more sophisticated and common. Bad actors are now…



Audience Relationship Management

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Customer Highlights

Tens of millions of emails a month

Bobit Business Media depends on Omeda to provide them with a robust, feature rich, integrated email platform. Unlike most email service providers, our email platform sits on top of your audience database, providing you with deep audience segmentation tools, list fatigue management, and the ability to store multiple email addresses on a single audience record.

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Personalizations for advertisers gaining many impressions

EnsembleIQ has been running personalizations for advertisers. They have become a useful add-on tool with the additional impressions and clicks they generate. This drives awareness and is an exciting benefit to offer the advertisers.

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Email engagement rate increase to over 40%

Louisiana Business Media realized success with email engagement due to their strong connection to their audience. Through their solid content, appropriate cadence, and relationship to their audience, they reached an open rate average of over 40%.

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Significantly more conversions with a personalization iFrame

In order to generate more newsletter sign-ups, Babcox Media implemented a personalization modal to link to their subscription form. Initially, they utilized a button which directed to a full subscription form. The form yielded about 158 conversions over 2 months. After running this first modal campaign, the team switched to an iframe personalization modal to test if it would yield stronger results. The iframe form within the modal collected the subscriber’s first name, last name, email, state and country. Within 3 months, they have converted over 8500 subscribers to their newsletters.

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Don’t think behavioral data is the future?

By utilizing our behavioral software and email platform, GenLiebert has seen open rates sky rocket. And by sky rocket, we mean open rates over 40% and CTRs over 10%. And they are just getting started.

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Increased email open rates

Recently, the Omeda team looked at the unengaged Gmail addresses from within North Coast Media’s Newsletter Audience. It was recommended by the Omeda team to remove the unengaged Gmail users to attain higher open rates. After removing these unengaged Gmail users, the numbers of unique opens for the Gmail domain increased by 45% within two months.

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Virtual event capabilities expanded

Annex Business Media and Omeda worked together to quickly integrate Annex’s Virtual Event Experience with the Omeda platform. Virtual Event registrants are posted real-time via API to the Omeda platform, providing Annex with the live registration list within their Omeda database. Annex is able to leverage this data to gate event-related sponsored content and expose it to only registered attendees. Through the use of Omeda's API Suite, Metering tool and Olytics CDP, Annex has the full picture of who accessed each piece of sponsored content, and can efficiently deliver highly engaged, marketing qualified leads to their sponsors.

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