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Accelerate your first-party data strategy

Consumer media is facing disruption as their expectations and customer requirements change. But taking charge of your most critical asset – your audience – is how your business will thrive. Accelerate your first-party data strategy to maximize the value of your audience and grow revenue.

State of media and audience today


of media companies report increasing or maintaining their audience investment, however most lack a formal plan.


of Media and Audience Pros say unknown-to-known conversion is their biggest challenge.

According to Omeda’s State of Audience Report
Omeda Customer Data Platform

Own, manage, and activate your first-party audience data

Liberate your siloed data and confidently take charge of your audience relationships from a single integrated command-and-control center that aggregates your first-party data and powers your diverse revenue streams across multiple channels.

Get a clear view of your audience to engage or activate subscribers

Say goodbye to the guesswork and grunt work involved in knowing who your audience is and what they care about. Omeda aggregates your first-party data so you get a clear view of how to engage and capture their attention.

Activate audiences across diverse products and revenue streams

Healthy media businesses have multiple revenue streams. Automate and orchestrate your diverse revenue streams from one integrated dashboard to power 24/7 audience development strategies and marketing services without sacrificing user experience or privacy.

Omeda allowed us to not only store all our audience data in one place, but it allows us to see what those numbers look like and who those people are. That was a big piece of us choosing Omeda — the data side of it. We liked that the platform was able to handle and manage the data and then offer us an integrated marketing automation solution.”

Amanda Phillips

VP of Marketing

Active Interest Media

Grow your audience.
Grow your revenue.