Optimize Your Ad Operations

End-to-end ad operations platform designed for publishers and revenue-generating teams to sell, deliver, and invoice for advertising programs.
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Engage and convert your audiences across AdRoll's network

Automatically sync your first-party audiences in Omeda with AdRoll's marketing platform to target by demographic, company or purchase history, or reach customers with expiring subscriptions to drive engagement and conversion across multiple channels, and grow your audience and revenue.
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Strengthen Your Email Campaign Deliverability Through Email Validation Services

Improve reach and email deliverability by investing in email cleansing and hygiene services that identify and block invalid addresses. Use AtData directly in Omeda to build audiences that exclude invalid email addresses. They are able to flag email addresses as SafeToSend, as non-deliverable, and even flag those that they believe are spam-traps. This valuable information can provide you with deliverability metrics to further segment the email addresses which may be reducing your sending reputation, which gives you one more way to obtain that coveted primary inbox delivery.
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Easily create responsive digital editions and microsites

Quickly create responsive digital editions, microsites, and native apps to engage and grow your digital audience.
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Easily build beautiful email templates with Chamaileon

Effortlessly design, optimize, and build stunning email marketing assets with Chamaileon's no-code, drag-and-drop email builder. Then use Omeda to automate your email marketing, engage your audiences, and get precise reports to inform your strategy.
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Transform Your Data into Unique, Custom Insights with CredSpark and Omeda

Create interactive polls, quizzes and surveys with CredSpark to start a virtuous cycle of of engagement, yielding more first-party data that's automatically captured in Omeda, driving even deeper audience engagement and revenue. Build interactive polls, quizzes and surveys with CredSpark. Responses flow to your Omeda database, where you can use it to personalize, segment and activate your audience. Access and export reports on CredSpark for more precise insights and quicker follow-up.
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Drive more revenue, productivity, and engagement with a modern media tech stack

Streamline editorial and audience workflows, amplify content delivery, diversify revenue streams, and leverage a unified, data-first publishing ecosystem to drive revenue and productivity.
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Google Ad Manager

Deliver Highly Targeted Ads to Your Websites: Use Your First-Party Data from Omeda to Engage Subscribers

Maximize the value of your first-party data by targeting audiences with relevant ads directly on your website to convert and engage audiences. Create your first-party audiences and view your campaign results directly in the Omeda platform. Target lapsed or soon-to-be expiring subscribers, or segment based on demographics, industry or company type.
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Magazine CRM software designed for regional, niche, and specialty publishing

Manage and grow your prospect and customer relationships with solutions designed for your sales, accounting, production, editorial, and digital teams. Sync directly with Omeda's subscription management to send relevant promotions and offers to customers.
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Take Your Social Media to The Next Level With Our Meta Integration.

Sync your first-party audiences or lists stored in Facebook Ads Manager to drive engagement and conversion without having to rerun queries or transfer data between systems. Create your first-party audiences, build lookalike audiences based on segments built in Omeda, and view your campaign results directly in the Omeda platform.
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Scale your platforms with industry-leading SaaS applications

Enterprise-level content management, identity management, native advertising, and lead generation applications designed for the media industry.
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Accelerate revenue growth and optimize payments

Better serve your subscribers and audiences by including PayPal as an alternative payment method on your Omeda forms. Provide additional global payment and digital wallet processing options and deliver a seamless checkout experience.
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Automate ad performance reporting and send it directly to advertisers

Save time and provide advertisers with ad performance reporting by syncing metrics and automating email delivery through Omeda.
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StoryPorts + Omeda Transforms How Publishers Create Custom Email Deployments.

With StoryPorts, B2B Publishers are able to increase revenue through their email campaigns and marketing automation while drastically decreasing the time to build and manage newsletters, epromos, digests and sponsored mailers. StoryPorts integrates directly with Omeda's database so you can send emails through their platform while leveraging the audience targeting and deep analytical insights Omeda provides.
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Validate contacts to improve email deliverability

Optimize your email campaigns and ensure deliverability by validating your contacts and using robust insights and analytics to continuously improve performance.
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