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Professional media, publishers and content creators partner with Omeda to grow their revenue and their audience.

Technology, talent, and tenacity to make an impact

“Because Audience Matters” is not a slogan at Omeda. It is the heart and passion of who we are and what we do. Our core solution is the industry’s first audience data platform and the most trusted integrated toolset for professional audience, marketing, and media teams.

We are...

proud of our technology, and all it empowers. But we’re most proud of our people and the culture they create to do big and small things well.

We are...

passionate audience and media pros, data nerds, silo busters, dot connectors, and workflow masters. We’re a curious, customer-obsessed team on the frontlines of advancing audience capabilities through every significant business model shift in the media and publishing industry.

From the early days of print subscriptions to the print-to-digital transformation to today’s multi-channel, first-party data-driven requirements, we lock arms with media, audience, and marketing leaders to transform their businesses.

We value a diversity of ideas to create meaningful impact.

“I'm passionate about our product, and my colleagues are not just professional but also responsive and friendly. It creates a fantastic atmosphere for collaboration. Making our product better is my favorite part - it's challenging, sure, but incredibly rewarding.”

Ekaterina Turgunova

Quality Assurance

We collaborate with mutual respect and transparency; there’s no place for arrogance.

“At Omeda, as an architect, I enjoy the diverse projects I work on. Seeing the direct impact of my contributions on both our company and our users is incredibly rewarding and something I value greatly.”

Aaron Mathias

Director, Architecture

We are accountable to each other, our customers, and our industry.

“I am thankful to work with such a good group of people. The Omeda culture is driven by hard-working employees who strive to do better and are always willing to help their teammates and clients out!”

Robin Heneghan

Solutions Engineer

We balance innovation with practical execution to move the needle for our customers.

“I love working with clients, teaching them something new, helping them solve problems, and helping them achieve personal and professional success.”

Danette Monahan

Client Support Specialist

“My role at Omeda gives me an engaging challenge in managing the requirements of traditional fulfillment along with multifaceted modern media operations.”

Tim Bratko

Director of Client Support

Omeda leaders setting the pace

Introduce yourself to the leaders who are developing technology, tools, and expertise to empower media, audience, and marketing leaders to delight and maximize the value of their audience.

James Capo


Tony Napoleone

VP, Client Experience

Alaine Kotze

Chief Financial Officer

Tracy Rivas

VP, Technology

Bryan Swartz

SVP Audience Operations

Bettina Lippisch, CIPM

VP, Privacy & Data Governance

Jared Thomas

VP, Sales

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