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Omeda’s Integrated Audience Data Platform is built for media, audience, and marketing professionals to grow their audience and revenue.

Tired of the friction and frustration of disjointed workflows? Upgrade to the Integrated Audience Data Platform designed with your business in mind.

Own, manage, and activate your first-party audience data to drive revenue

Get a clear view of your audience to drive precise targeting and content creation

Simplify your media tech stack to drive better performance for diverse revenue streams

Convert unknown to known audiences to grow your subscription business

Connect your disjointed workflows, saving you time, money, and resources

Cross-sell products and other brands to increase loyalty and lifetime value

Ever look at your operations team and ask yourself why it takes so long to get things done? Ever ask why things are so hard and then look at your tech stack with the volume of systems and shake your head and say, ‘Oh, that’s why?’ Well, that was the boat we were in. We removed 3 systems and consolidated everything into a single technology stack on the Omeda platform, and our audience database grew by 37%.

Roberta Mueller

SVP of Product Development

NorthStar Media Group

Grow your audience. Grow your revenue.

Take the guesswork and grunt work out of managing your audience and workflows. Unify your siloed databases, disjointed tech stacks, point solutions, and processes into a single command-and-control center with the platform, tools, and expertise to accelerate audience growth and revenue.

Customer Data Platform

The only CDP built for professional media, publishers, and content creators. Aggregate your siloed first-party data into a single platform to get a complete view of your audience relationships and launch relevant activations.

Data Ingestion, Organization, & Structure

Consolidate and standardize data from every touchpoint for an accurate, real-time view of your audience’s activities, behaviors, and relationships.

Dynamic Audience Segmentation

Automatically segment your audience using privacy-compliant first-party data, observed behaviors, and content engagement activity for precise targeting and measurable results.

Anonymous Audience Conversion

Convert unknown visitors to subscribers and engaged community members with the power of your first-party data and built-in content metering, registration, paywall gates, and progressive profiling tools.


Audience Marketing Workflow and Process Automation

Connect with your audience members to grow your relationships and revenue. Deliver personalized and automated content, communications, and experiences to earn audience attention while saving time and resources.

Workflow Automation

Streamline workflows and orchestrate campaigns and data from a single dashboard to increase efficiency and deliver the experience your audience deserves.

Audience Journey and Personalization

Orchestrate a 24/7, always-on audience experience to drive deeper engagement and meet audience members on their terms across their preferred channels.

Multi-Channel Integrations and Campaign Orchestration

Integrate display and social media advertising campaigns for more efficient workflows, cohesive experiences, and audience optimization from a single dashboard.


Audience Channel Engagement

Your audience expects a relevant experience every time and on every channel. Meet them with precision communication across email, SMS, social, and direct marketing channels to boost audience engagement and drive measurable results.

Personalized and Automated Communications

Send personalized automated communications that capture attention across multiple channels to increase audience engagement and value.

Built-In Email Performance and Deliverability Management

Ensure your emails land with built-in platform tools to optimize for performance and delivery.

Headless Email API

Seamlessly connect Omeda’s tools with your existing email interface or platform for a hassle-free integration that requires no training.


Audience Subscription

Your audience is your competitive advantage. Take charge of your engaged subscribers and collect privacy-compliant first-party data to create thoughtful, relevant journeys that drive monetization, increase lifetime value, and grow your subscription business.

Multi-Product Subscription Management and Segmentation

Aggregate siloed subscriber data into a single platform and collect privacy-compliant data to convert unknown to known audiences and grow your subscription business

Automated Billing, Invoicing, Auto-Renewals, and Payment Management

Get paid on time, every time. Prevent lapses in payment and increase efficiency with automated billing and renewals.

Customizable Paywall, Registration, Content Gates, and Progressive Profiling

Create a clear path to becoming a subscriber. Convert unknown visitors to subscribers and engaged community members using personalized and customizable paywalls and content gates.

Built on a foundation of data privacy,
governance, and security

Because your audience's data, privacy, and security matters, key functions (consent and opt-out management, retention tools, anonymization, PII removal, and data subject requests) are built into the platform to ensure you stay compliant with applicable laws and regulations. And we undergo regular independent audits and have earned SOC 1 and 2 accreditations to assure you and your audience that your data is safe and secure.

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