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The Platform

The First Real-Time
Audience Data Platform

Winner of the Best Customer Data Platform (CDP) in 2021 & Nominated as a CODiE Award Finalist in the Business and Technology Space 3 Years in a Row!


Omeda provides a 360º view of all of your audience data. We connect data from multiple touch points including digital, events, data subscriptions, and offline data.


Reach current and new audience members with tailored messaging.


Gain the most insight about audience behavior.


Leverage captured audience data to increase revenue streams.

Data Management & Governance

Omeda’s focus on data quality and governance gives you the confidence you require to make accurate and effective decisions about your audience. Segment your audience with standardized in-depth reporting, analytics, and insights. Using a proprietary matching algorithm, you'll receive a single view of the customer, see online and offline behaviors and manage your subscriptions more efficiently and effectively.


Marketing Automation & Email

Automate and simplify communications to your audience database. Be more effective by storing all open/click data directly to the individual audience member's record, assigning ‘keywords’ to links which document the audience’s interests, leveraging A/B testing, and by generating triggers/follow ups to increase response rates.


Connect and integrate your event data. Improve marketing efficiency by segmenting your attendees and tailoring high value promotions. Utilize our real-time event solution to increase attendee satisfaction, booth traffic and exhibitor revenue.


Analytics & Reporting

Collect greater insight into your online traffic, actions, and audience behaviors across multiple sites. With a small amount of JavaScript, you can begin capturing audience behaviors, convert anonymous traffic to known, and integrate all your web data into the Omeda Portal.

Forms & Landing Pages

Create rich, tailored premium content with a simple drag & drop interface that integrates with your CMS. Benefit from PCI compliance, iron clad security, and embedded API service for authenticating users. Finally, tie users back to their profile to better target your audience.



Get the most out of your audience data and create effective workflows by seamlessly integrating your Omeda data with industry leading platforms and applications. Our bi-directional APIs enable our clients to easily transfer data between enterprise platforms. Omeda provides you the foundational elements including hierarchies and linkage to ensure high quality, dependable and consistent data.


Subscription & Fulfillment Management

As the largest subscription fulfillment service, we use unmatched data management and integrity capabilities to deliver your content to your subscribers. Start employing proprietary matching logic, leveraging audit expertise with BPA, AAM, and VAC and benefit from our professional and highly-trained Subscriber Service team.

Professional Services

We help you better analyze the data-driven insights about your audience. Improve your business decisions by leveraging data intelligence and defining your data strategy and best practices. Increase your knowledge of the available marketing tech stack and identify where and when content is being accessed, drive new product development, and create new revenue streams.


Get Peace of Mind Knowing We're Here

Omeda is committed to answering all of your data and business questions, even when you’re burning the midnight oil. Our technical support consultants are there 24/7 to provide world-class service and help you make the most of your Omeda experience.