Why Choose Omeda Over HubSpot vs Marketo

Native customer data platform capabilities
Built-in subscription management
Native email sending platform
Persistent customer ID tracking
Dedicated client success manager
Customizable reporting and analytics
Unlimited Lead Scoring properties
Best for large databases
Best for medium to enterprise businesses
Best for startups
User-based pricing

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Top reasons why enterprises chose Omeda as a HubSpot alternative

All-in-one CDP, marketing automation and subscription management

Omeda’s customer data platform ingests, unifies and cleans data from every touchpoint you use to reach your audience, from email and social to website, print and offline engagement. Disparate audience data is stored in one central database, helping enterprises make sense of their audience data and translate it into marketing action more quickly and effectively than otherwise possible.   

Platforms without a native CDP, like HubSpot, only capture data from known leads and customers in active journeys. Omeda collects data from all known and unknown website visitors, then consolidates that information into one database to provide a single view of each customer. So your team has all the information they need to make an impact — all in one place.  

Persistent customer ID tracking

On Omeda, all work and personal emails, mobile and laptop browser cookies, website activity and mailing addresses are connected to one unified customer ID. So your customer profiles remain up to date even if someone changes job titles or contact information 

Other platforms like HubSpot track customers by their email address, increasing the chances of creating duplicate records or contacting someone at the wrong email address.  


Personalized customer support and tracking

Omeda provides a robust range of support resources so you can reach your audience growth goals as quickly as possible. Its team of in-house media experts provides hands-on support with custom use cases, integration setup and APIs. Platforms like HubSpot and Marketo may not provide a live customer success representative or hands-on integration support, lengthening your time to impact and limiting your ROI. 

Omeda’s advanced reporting captures engagements from every touchpoint, from demographic information to website behaviors, email engagement, subscription and payment history, and customer lifecycle history — no complex integrations or data transfers required. Other platforms like HubSpot or Marketo provide basic reporting, with advanced functionality limited to premium plans.  

Unlimited seat licenses and custom permissions

HubSpot and Marketo charge more for additional seat licenses, so key stakeholders may not have access to key features or data on their platform. On Omeda, you can have unlimited users on your account and set individual permissions for each one, so everyone in your organization gets access to the data they need to make an impact — and nothing else.

Industry and company fit

Omeda is an end-to-end audience management platform with native email, marketing automation and subscription management capabilities, making it ideal for any company with a large audience that they’re hoping to monetize through content.    

While HubSpot is built for small and medium-sized businesses, its feature set may be too limited for larger enterprise organizations.  

Marketo’s marketing tools are spread across multiple platforms, each of which require additional licenses. So while Marketo can scale for enterprise organizations, it may be too expensive for media and membership-based companies. It also lacks some of the key features media organizations need to make the most of their investment, including subscription fulfillment and billing, content metering, dedicated client support represenative and technical assistance.     

Enterprises That Chose Omeda Over Others

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