Why Choose Omeda Over Treasure Data vs Lytics

Want to understand the difference between Omeda, Treasure Data and Lytics? Looking for an alternative to Treasure Data vs Lytics? Find the platform that's right for you below.

Why Choose Omeda Over Treasure Data vs Lytics OmedaTreasure Data Lytics
All-in-one customer data platform (CDP), with native marketing automation and subscription management
Built for media companies
Extensive onboarding, integration and API support
On-site targeting and personalizations
Native omni-channel marketing automation
Content metering and monetization
Lead scoring
Comprehensive real-time reporting
Automatic click bot identification and removal from reports
Best for media organizations
Best for small businesses

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Top reasons why enterprises chose Omeda as a Treasure Data alternative

Extensive onboarding and integration support

Omeda is a customizable solution that emphasizes onboarding and training. The team provides ongoing integration and API support to ensure that the product fits each client’s individual needs and use case.  

Treasure Data is a more of a self-service solution: It provides pre-built code, components, visualizations, and applications to help customers build their use cases, and doesn’t seem to offer custom integrations or setup assistance. if you’re new to CDPs, or need more hands-on help, you may need more support to achieve your goals.  

Lytics customers have also mentioned long wait times with customer support. That lag time could disrupt or delay your campaigns if you’re having difficulty surfacing or exporting your CDP data.  

Sophicated reporting that's connected to the rest of your tech stack

Omeda’s reports capture each audience member’s activity across every channel, from website and email to print, offline, and events. This gives you the game plan for reaching and driving results from everyone in your audience. Omeda’s website analytics solution provides detailed reports on pageviews, bounces, clicks and impressions from your known and unknown audience, as well as common referral sources and each user’s path across your site.   

Omeda’s email reports also help you discover what’s delivering conversions for your business. It goes beyond vanity metrics to include heat maps, URL-specific reports, user-specific reports, click bot summaries, link and link category reports, and more. Dashboards can be customized to fit each team’s preferences.   

Reviewers have mentioned that Lytics has limited built-in reporting and visualization features. They also comment on difficulties exporting their Lytics data to other tools.  

Personalized on-site targeting

Both Omeda and Treasure Data help customers drive 1:1 interactions with their website audience. Omeda offers content recommendations tailored to each individual’s previous reading and purchase history, as well as targeted subscription renewal reminders, forms, and meters.  

Treasure Data’s personalizations are more retail-focused, including personalized offers, product recommendations, and recommended next best actions. If you’re in media, you may prefer Omeda’s content-centered offerings over Treasure Data’s more generalized suite.  

Lytics offers content recommendations and ad retargeting, but no other forms of on-site messaging. This could keep you from providing the fully customized experience your audience expects.  

Native omni-channel marketing automation

On Omeda, you can collect and use your audience all from the same place. With its native email and marketing automation platform, you can create powerful cross-channel customer journeys that cover email, ads, and website targeting. Use your CDP data to create custom audience segments using 100+ different behavioral, demographic and/or purchase-based filters. Make your audience as specific and relevant as possible and watch the conversions come in.   

Treasure Data offers customer journey orchestration, but this requires integrations with third-party solutions. Problems with these integrations could complicate your workflows and interrupt your campaigns.   

Lytics helps customers re-engage their audiences through product recommendations and retargeting. However, it doesn’t provide a dedicated way to reach customers through email or orchestrate complex customer journeys. If that’s your goal, you’ll need to invest in another platform — and transfer your CDP data to that solution — in order to run campaigns.   

Content metering and monetization

Omeda offers an extensive selection of paywalls, gated content and digital subscription-based services to help you monetize your content and drive revenue. Since Omeda’s connected to a CDP and subscription management solution, payments are processed right through the platform, then automatically added to the subscriber’s system of record. This way, you can easily query your audience by their subscription or billing date, then notify them about upcoming or failed payments.  

Neither Treasure Data nor Lytics offer metering. So you would need to use an additional content gating service to meter your content and collect payments, then transfer those purchase records back to your database, all of which demands extra time and effort.  

Automatic click bot removal from reports

Omeda automatically removes click bots from reports using 10+ different indicators. This helps you separate real clicks from fake activity and keep your lists safe. Omeda also gives you specific reports about click bot activity, so you can identify and address lists with high bot traffic 

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