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Omeda is the CDP built on a fully managed audience management platform with native email, marketing automation & subscription management. Omeda puts data in the hands of marketers that want to deepen their connection with their audiences and drive more meaningful results.

Omeda is trusted by the world’s top brands

Sick of wrangling customer data from multiple different databases?

Omeda automatically integrates customer data from every on- and offline touchpoint you use to engage your customers — social media, display and banner ads, email, events, and subscriptions.

Data is cleaned and standardized to ensure that your customer profiles accurately reflect your audience.

Then it’s added to your audience database in real time, giving you the most accurate, current view of each customer across all channels. You get one unified profile for each of your customers — and a single source of truth for your whole team.

  • Increase revenue and ROI by converting unknown visitors to known visitors, driving new name efforts, and re-engaging lost users.
  • Get a single view of each customer and minimize data loss with identity resolution and real-time profile updates.
  • Spend less time collecting data, and spend more time using it to engage your customers.

Convert unknown visitors into known profiles with sophisticated website tracking

Generate more first-party data from each visitor with personalized modals, pop-ups, and inline targeted messaging.

With Omeda’s web tracking tool, you can track website behaviors via a lightweight JavaScript snippet that works with your website’s existing metadata.

Olytics records URL, category, and tag information from each interaction, then automatically adds it to existing customer profiles in your CDP.

Customers are then added/removed from campaigns in real time based on the campaign’s underlying segmentation.

  • Stay on top of your customers’ changing demographics and habits with real-time profile updates.
  • Create dynamic, actionable, and multi-dimensional segments based on website activity and profile elements — and automatically add or remove customers that no longer meet campaign criteria.
  • Demystify the customer journey and focus your marketing efforts in the right places with customizable reports.

Reach each customer in the right place, with the right message, at the right time

With Omeda’s native email and marketing automation tools, you can create personalized, multi-channel campaigns that respond to the individual needs of each customer.

Reach them on email and on-site messaging, as well as social platforms (FB/IG), display (GAM), and programmatic ads (AdRoll) — and use our Odyssey Marketing Automation canvas to adjust timing, messaging and filters for each campaign.

Use your customer data to strengthen external outreach via integrations with Marketo, Eloqua, AdRoll, Facebook and Google Ad Managers and more.

  • Deliver individualized experiences at each stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • Maximize marketing velocity and ROI.
  • Understand how customers move in and out of different lifecycle stages, and evaluate the effectiveness of each personalized message.

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Customer Data Platform FAQs

What is a customer data platform?

A customer data platform is packaged software that combines data from all your on- and offline customer touchpoints to create a single centralized customer database, which contains real-time data on all touch points and interactions with your brand.

Why should I use a customer data platform software?

Customers expect companies to tailor content, offers and promotions to their specific needs.

But when customer data is spread across many softwares, companies don’t have the information they need to personalize their campaigns to each customer’s preferences.

CDPs collect customer data from every source (print, website, events, mobile, etc.) and store it in one central database for all teams to use. This way, everyone in the business gets a single view of each customer — and they can create winning customer experiences for each one.

Which features to look for in the best job management software?

The most important features for your customer data platform depend on the size and scope of your organization, but there are a few features that every company will need:

  • Unified profiles and identity resolution 
  • Real time data sharing and profile updates 
  • Website behavioral tracking and segmentation
  • Lifecycle orchestration and personalization 
  • Modeling and analytics 

What makes Omeda special?

Omeda is the only CDP built on a fully managed audience management platform with native email, marketing automation and subscription management capabilities. This helps marketers harness their data to improve customer experiences and drive more meaningful results.