Seamlessly activate your audience with email & marketing automation

Odyssey, our marketing automation platform, and Email Builder, our email sending platform, helps marketers guide each customer down an automated marketing voyage personalized for their individual needs, demographics and preferences all from one integrated platform. Focus your efforts on the right audience with the support of all your CDP data and segmenting options. Multiply your reach by connecting email campaigns to other digital marketing channels, like display ads, social media, events and more. Send high-volume email campaigns with our powerful Email Builder.

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Segment your audience to drive brand loyalty and growth

Omeda makes it easier to segment your audience based on shared traits: Use data points from Omeda’s CDP to create more targeted, layered segments.

Updated customer profiles are added or removed from campaigns in real time, so your contact lists are always accurate and timely.

Personalize your messaging using a range of data points such as title, region, demographics and behaviors. Combine filters to target specific use cases, like cart abandonments, VIPs, and credit card expires.

  • Ground campaigns in observed audience behaviors and purchase history.
  • Keep your communications relevant and target the customers that are ready to buy.
  • Increase traffic, downloads and sales while reducing complaints and unsubscribes.

Design personalized customer journeys that drive business and loyalty

Improve customer retention, increase time on site and see more sales by creating automated customer journeys in Omeda.

Create customer journeys with multiple touch points across email, social media, display ads, and more to reach your audience, no matter how they interact with your business.

Use customer data from Omeda’s CDP to identify your most promising customer segments. Target onsite visitors with personalized messages and content recommendations based on previous behaviors and purchase history.

  • Reach your audience at the right time and the right place.
  • Create winning customer experiences across multiple channels.
  • Make smarter marketing decisions, prioritize communications efforts, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Automate your marketing to send better emails

Create automated journeys that are customized for your business goals and customer preferences. Send personalized emails based on audience behaviors and demographics, driving more traffic, downloads and sales.

On the Odyssey canvas, adjust each journey’s wait times, filters and design to maximize performance.

Use Omeda’s best-in-class deliverability analysis to ensure you’re reaching your audience’s inboxes.

  • Use customer data to achieve personalization at scale.
  • Respond in real time to customer behaviors, needs and preferences.
  • Turn data points into actionable insights with our robust reporting features.

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Marketing Automation FAQs

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is technology that automatically executes marketing communications and campaigns, across multiple channels, on a user-defined schedule for a specific customer segment.

Using automation, marketers can guide customers through a cross-channel customer journey that’s tailored to their individual preferences, behaviors and purchase history – without having to manually decide which person will receive each email.

Why should I use marketing automation software?

Through marketing automation, teams can deliver personalized marketing messages at scale. Besides increasing conversions, this also reduces time spent on manual labor and frees team members up for higher-priority creative work.

Which features to look for in the best marketing automation software?

The most important features for marketing automation software depend on the goals and size of your organization, but every company will need the following features:

  • Segmentation
  • Real-time customer profile updates 
  • Multi-channel marketing activation   
  • Integrations with social media, email, display ads, etc. 
  • Deliverability analysis
  • Best-in-class customer service 

What makes Omeda special?

Omeda is one of the only marketing automation and email solutions that is connected to a customer data platform. This ensures that campaigns and creative decisions are grounded in the most accurate, timely customer data.