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Award Categories

Best Marketing Automation Program (utilizing Odyssey)

Audience Growth, Welcome Series, Nurture Campaigns, Re-engagement… You determined your goal and you implemented your marketing automation campaign in Odyssey to deliver relevant content and/or nurtured your subscribers. Please tell us the overall goal, the audience you targeted, your strategy, and the results you’ve seen. Bonus! Did it save your team time and money?

Best Paid Subscription Campaign

Retention, Acquisition, Trial Offers, or Holiday Campaigns? Please tell us the overall goal of the subscription campaign, plus the audience you targeted, your strategy, and the results you’ve seen.

Best Use of First-Party Audience Data

Tell us how you are using your first-party audience data to find success. Have you launched a new newsletter? Does it influence your editorial content? Are you selling and targeting based on your audience data? Have you found new ways to segment your data? We want to hear how your team is leveraging the power of first-party audience data.

Dream Team - Best Revenue Campaign (non-subscription)

Your team implemented a program to drive revenue outside of traditional product subscriptions. Sponsored Ads, Marketing Automation Programs, Lead Gen Campaigns. Is this a one-time program or does it generate recurring revenue? We want to hear about it!

Best Damn Idea

Not seeing a category that fits your award-worthy ideas over the past year? Then this is your category. Did you or your team come up with a creative way to report data, save money, create efficiencies, or some other great idea? Tell us more!

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