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    How NAVC Manages 700K Database Members With Omeda

    Project Background

    Running a community might be a labor of love — but it still takes a lot of labor. Associations are no exception — they need to keep their members engaged with professional development courses, print and digital publications, events and webinars, all while hosting events, managing payments and advancing their public policy priorities.

    That means a lot of time spent on content development, marketing outreach, and audience relationship management. And with limited staffing and resources, associations can’t afford to spend too much time on busywork, like transferring data between platforms, combing through spreadsheets to create marketing segments, etc.

    Here, we’re highlighting an association that’s tackling these challenges: The North American Veterinary Community. In late 2020, the NAVC partnered with Omeda to reduce data silos from its various publications and marketing channels, better manage its 700,000-member database, and use audience data to improve its content offering. Here how they did it:  

    About NAVC  

    The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) is a nonprofit organization that provides world-class products, services and professional development to the global animal healthcare community. They provide 50+ paid online accreditation classes to the veterinary community, as well as multiple print and digital magazines, including Today’s Veterinary Business and Today’s Veterinary Nurse. The NAVC complements these educational resources with one annual conference and several smaller satellite events.  

    To promote these offerings, and stay connected with their community, they lean heavily on their email newsletter (which has about 100,000 subscribers) and other digital marketing initiatives.   


    From their online courses to their events, publications and newsletters, NAVC has a database of about 700,000 audience members spread over multiple marketing channels.   

    As they expanded their programming and grew their audience, they needed a way to bring all of these records into one system. Once they had all their audience data in one spot, they could promote campaigns more quickly, make their communications more relevant, and ultimately ensure they were succeeding in their goal to help veterinarians serve their communities.   

    Process x The Omeda Solution 

    To address those needs, the NAVC turned to Omeda, an end-to-end audience management platform with a native CDP, email and marketing automation and subscription management capabilities. Below are some key ways that NAVC uses Omeda:  

    Establish a single view of each audience member   

    Omeda’s CDP ingests data from NAVC’s various marketing touchpoints and compiles it into one central database. Fields are mapped according to pre-set automated workflows and the data is checked for duplicates, ensuring that the data is as complete, current and clean as possible. From there, incoming data is automatically added to each person’s customer profile, as well as any relevant marketing segments.  

    This gave NAVC a single view of each person in their audience: In one platform, they could see how each person engaged with them on every channel. Armed with this information, the NAVC team could personalize new courses to each attendees, identify cross-promotion opportunities, and improve their community’s value proposition — all while spending less time managing their data.  

    Create 50+ highly targeted marketing segments   

    At each of their events, NAVC asks attendees for key topics of interest. Before using Omeda, it might’ve taken days to manually add each attendee’s answers to their pre-existing profile — and even longer to add them to courses and mailing lists related to those interests.   

    With Omeda’s CDP, each attendee’s responses were instantly recorded in their profile, added to relevant marketing segments, and made available to everyone on the NAVC team. If they wanted to promote a new course on veterinary science, for instance, they could use Audience Builder to search for anyone in that category, then create an email campaign for that group right within Omeda.  

    The NAVC team has already used this to create 50 interest-based segments and promote new offerings tailored to those interests. With Omeda, they provide more tailored, relevant content to everyone in their audience without excess time spent on data transfer and management.  

    Execute meaningful, unified promotions — and replicate them at scale  

    In addition to their annual conference, the NAVC team also hosts smaller satellite events throughout the year. Many of these events center on one subtopic or sub-field, or have a specific regional audience, which requires additional segmentation.  

    But by using Omeda, NAVC can easily query their audience for anyone in the right segments, then use Omeda’s drag and drop email designer to quickly create on-brand emails. Once they created an event invitation template, they were able to replicate it across their whole event calendar.  


    So far, NAVC has used Omeda to create a single customer view for everyone in their 700,000-person database, achieve personalization at scale, and fully automate their event promotion efforts. Going forward, they also plan to use Omeda’s new Zapier integration to connect Wicket, their member data platform, with the rest of their database, which will only further streamline their data management operations. 

    All told, this has saved the team countless hours that they’ve been able to put back toward developing new content, courses and events — all of which helps their veterinarians provide the best care possible.  

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