Driving Full-Funnel Value: A Case Study in Selling & Renewing Large Content Marketing Campaigns

    Recorded on: August 31, 2023

    Access Intelligence dives into how they developed a strategic partnership with a long-time customer to revitalize the business relationship and increase revenue.

    When one of their longtime advertising partners came out of restructuring, Access Intelligence needed to help them tell their new story. To do this, Access Intelligence used Omeda to enable a multi-touch content marketing strategy, which has delivered over 500+ new leads, resulting in multiple renewals and $400K in revenue in less than a year.

    Some key takeaways include:

    ✅ how to use Omeda’s marketing automation solution to create omni-channel ad campaigns

    ✅ how to reach engaged readers with on- and offsite ad targeting

    ✅ how to nurture and activate new contacts with content

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