Retain customers and revenue with Omeda churn management software for audience development teams

Are you spending so much time keeping your subscribers on board that you can’t get any new ones? Are your cancellations getting out of control?

Omeda gives the information you need to stay on top of your audience’s needs – and the tools necessary to win back your at-risk customers. Go beyond preventing churn and create truly exceptional customer experiences with Omeda.

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How Omeda's churn management software helps audience development teams please and retain customers

  • Improve customer retention
  • Drive customer satisfaction with data
  • Re-engage lapsed users

Top 3 reasons audience development teams choose Omeda as their churn management software

Please your audience and protect revenue with Omeda.

Improve customer retention

Stay ahead of your audience’s needs rather than reacting to issues after the fact. Omeda’s CDP combines disparate data to create a single view of each customer, so you always have the most current, complete view of each customer.

  • Omeda takes in disparate customer data from each touchpoint — website and email to print and events, etc. — into one place. Data is automatically unified, cleaned and standardized so your profiles are always up to date.
  • Track each customer’s interactions with your company across channels, so you know exactly where you stand with each person in your audience.
  • Provide more relevant experiences with on-page personalizations, content recommendations and offers targeted to each person’s individual needs.

Drive customer satisfaction with data

You can’t really serve your customers if you can’t see how they’re interacting with you across every channel. Omeda stores all your subscriber data in one place — so you’re equipped with the information you need to deliver better customer experiences.

  • Omeda collects subscriber data from every touchpoint — email and print to events and website — and stores it in one central database.
  • Query subscriber data instantly with Omeda’s Audience Search function. Test your audience research hypotheses with powerful database filtering tools and 100+ demographic and behavioral variables.
  • Create marketing segments with multiple criteria for more precise targeting.
  • Data flows in and out of the platform via nightly file sweeps and API drops — so you always have the most current view of your subscribers. Reduce time spent on cleaning, transferring and manipulating subscriber data.

Re-engage lapsed users

Even slight changes in your customer count can add up to serious losses over time. Proactively identify and re-engage customers that might leave using Omeda’s combination of audience insights and powerful marketing tools.

  • Use insights from Omeda’s native CDP to identify lapsed and at-risk customers based on their engagement history across channels.
  • Proactively re-engage lapsed users using Odyssey, Omeda’s native marketing automation tool. Tailor re-engagement emails to each audience member’s past purchase history, interests, etc. to win them back.
  • Adjust the wait times and filters of your automated re-engagement for best results. Automate the re-engagement process and shift focus to creative, revenue-growing tasks.

Ready to drive revenue and growth with Omeda’s churn management software?

  • Improve customer retention
  • Drive customer satisfaction with data
  • Re-engage lapsed users

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