ART & SCIENCE – The Marketer’s Need for Balance

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    Quizzes determining how much you use your left brain vs. right brain cropped up all over our newsfeeds just a short while ago. People shared their scores to show what percentage of their brains were Art vs. Science. We noticed many friends being excited if the score was 50/50 because it implies they have the balance — both the strong art and science aptitude. You can also think about this on a different level – a more company-wide level. It is critical because having both is what allows us to reach our audiences and drives our businesses forward.

    Our Client Success and Marketing team attended The Digital Summit Chicago last August where Megan Jones of the Moth spoke on the topic of how to magnify your content strategy. She pointed out many nuances of how the best campaigns integrate the science (data and analytics) with the art (content). However, one of her ending points struck a chord with us: “Data doesn’t move people. If it did, I’d be here talking about a portfolio. Feelings and experiences drive people to action. Go forth and make content for your audience that has emotional resonance.”

    At Omeda, Science has been at the forefront. It is evident that with Omeda, you have the science at your fingertips. The pertinent issue at hand becomes: How to incorporate the Art. So, what does the modern media company need to consider when it comes to the art side? The answer is simple, well sort of… Science is an enabler – but you absolutely need the art and the resources on your staff to contribute in ways that tech alone can’t. Issues arise for some clients when there is the mentality of “Okay, I have the tools I need and the science, therefore now my campaigns should work.” To illustrate this further, let’s consider, social media as a tool – we all have it, but there is an art of how to engage with your audience. We can’t simply send automated messages without a brand personality and expect it to perform well or drive revenue.

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    In the ever-growing content world, we can’t underestimate the marketing/art/strategy piece of the tech stack. It is the art and strategy that drives us to think in a new way, understand differently and interpret those things in an artful way to our audiences. There needs to be new creative strategies in order to reach our audiences in the right ways. Omeda can be that platform you need; we can make it easier because we have that science ready for you. With the science already covered, you can spend more time investing in the people who will bring the strategy and the compelling content to the right audience. You can focus on developing a creative plan.

    The first step can be taking a step back and looking at the tech stack as a whole. While CTOs are more interested in science, the digital marketers need to focus on the art in order to derive the most successful audience engagements and drive revenue. At Omeda, we invest in the technology so that you have the science side down and all the tools ready! Now, go out there and build the best team to create the art and the content. Bring these great ideas to life for your target audience.


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