Omeda Launches DFP Integration

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    Omeda has launched a new integration between our industry leading Audience Relationship Management database and Double Click for Publishers, commonly known as DFP. DFP is a Google product designed to manage the process of delivering ads to your websites.

    While some CDP’s use implied assumptions to target ads, your Omeda connection uses your known first-party data. This integration allows you to track and target segments of your subscriber database via DFP’s Key / Value targeting functionality. You will be able to create and manage Key / Value pairs based on audience segments or demographics.

    Some example targeting segments are:

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    • Customers that have clicked on a certain article in the last month
    • Customers that are due for magazine renewal in the coming month
    • Specific demographics such as Job Title, Industry, Interests, etc.
    • Customers who have clicked on an email deployment in the last week
    • Customers that work for Fortune 100, 500, or 1,000 companies

    Display advertising on your website is an important piece of any complete marketing sales package. Due to all of the online content that your subscriber consumes and typically declining display ad CTR’s, delivering relevant ads has become increasingly necessary. This integration helps you reach your customer and personalize their journey as they consume your content.

    Omeda is committed to continually launching marketing technology integrations that our clients need to achieve their marketing goals. All clients now have access to this essential marketing integration at no additional charge.

    Get started today! Visit the Integrations page within the Activate section of the Omeda portal, or contact your account manager who can walk you through the process or click here for additional documentation. For additional information, please contact us at

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