How To Find Good Content

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    The notion of a good ideas coming from anyone in the organization is especially true when it comes to content. All organizations are charged with pumping out meaningful content consistently in order to build a strong relationship with their audience and share their knowledge with the industry.

    The question that always comes up is: Who is responsible for your content? The answer should be: Everyone. Here’s why: While most organizations have editors, publishers and marketing departments, there is often a trove of ideas and knowledge sitting just outside the department.

    At Omeda, we have begun reaching across departments to find and cultivate some of our strongest content pieces. In working cross-functionally, we are certain to create a valuable story that a freelance writer working in a vacuum simply can’t develop on their own. In fact, we’ve found that no amount of research has succeeded over bringing different departments together and speaking one on one with our experts.

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    Here are a few methods that can be employed to get interdepartmental interest and jump start stronger content – for those instances when you are looking to shake up your content:

    1. Hold a Contest: We like competition and participation. Why not hold a monthly contest for blogs and white papers? Promise that they don’t have to be experienced writers to participate, and even more ideas will come your way. Incentivize with fun gift cards for the content that drives an article or blog.
    2. Try a Brainstorm with Cross Functional Teams: There’s no better way to jump start great ideas than to get representatives from each team in a room – even if it’s just for a small period of time. It’s crucial to get cross functional teams together, because this is where all of the great ideas develop.
    3. Keep your ears open: Sometimes the small discussions that happen casually in the office around client needs are the most valuable. If you overhear a coworker asking for something a client is looking for or needs, write it down!

    Finally – don’t be afraid to work with your own audience and customers to find out what they are interested in as well as what ideas they have. There may be a powerful success story that they can’t wait to share which can really benefit a lot of your other readers.

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    Photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash

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