How are you Tracking Metrics and Conversions? 4 Key Items to Consider When Building Your Plan

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    The team drafted this blog after listening to questions that were coming in from diverse industries on how to track metrics and conversions. While there is not a singular marketing plan that fits all, there are methods for keeping track of the metrics and conversions in order to 1. Make the marketing plan stronger as you start and iterate and 2. Use for reporting purposes when you present to the larger group and executive teams. 3. To help optimize efforts/campaigns.

    1. Begin with Your Marketing Plan

    Marketing plans can range from a simple spreadsheet to plans on a more sophisticated platform. There are multiple ways to establish a solid marketing plan. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated the plans look, but rather it is most important that you are using a marketing plan to track the different efforts and metrics as efficiently as possible. Some examples of measurable results you can include in your plans range from campaign opens, clicks, impressions, opt-outs, to conversions. Consider tying each of these metrics back to a campaign and/or marketing effort in order to speak to the results. The best constructed plans will be easily translatable to a presentation that shows the value of each effort to your team.

    2. Establish a Promo Code for Your Marketing Efforts

    Consider using a unique promo code to track all of your conversions. In doing this, you can track the conversions back to specific elements in a campaign and understand how your audience engaged. Utilize promo codes across all marketing channels to track not just conversions but where those conversions are coming from.

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    3. Utilize Omeda’s Robust Reporting

    Below are a few key reports we want to call out for optimal tracking of marketing campaigns:

    Email Reports – These reports will provide you with metrics to track opens/clicks to ensure you’re meeting KPIs. You can drill into details or look at more of an overview. There is even a view of clients by the device. A  Client Success favorite is the Summary Stat Report.

    Promo Code by Product Attribution Report – This is more product-focused. It will provide you with conversion metrics across multiple products.

    Behavior Analysis Report  – This report is ideal to track behaviors such as registering for a webinar/virtual event/WP download. It will provide you with a contact information galley of who took action with specific behavior. 

    Form Submit Report  – View this report for a count of how many submissions a specific form has from week to week and who they are. It is a strong way to get the overview quickly.

    Personalization Summary Report – This report is perfect for getting your impressions and click metrics for your personalization campaigns. This has been recently enhanced to also include a galley of who took action.

    4. Last, but Definitely Not Least: Utilize Audience Builder

    Pull counts using the promo code for each product or pull counts using the promo codes for behaviors. Audience Builder can do all of the above. Additionally, you can run cross hatches on the data such as demographics such as business/job function. The information can help inform your next campaign. It is also valuable information to bring back to your team in order to establish future marketing plans.

    At Omeda, there is robust reporting incorporated into the suite of products. The above items barely scratch the surface. To go deeper into our reporting or what conversions you can be looking for and reporting on, please review our knowledge base and/or reach out to your Client Success Manager. If you are not yet partnering with Omeda and you want to strategize and review options for activating your audience, get started by reaching


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