Lead Gen Using Whitepapers – an end to end solution using Omeda Tools

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    Effectively use Omeda’s Web Form Builder, Audience Builder and Lead Gen tool to deliver leads to advertisers from a Whitepaper Download Action.

    You can get started by having your Account Manager set up a Behavior Action of “Downloaded” to track the whitepaper lead in the Omeda system.  This allows you, the client to set the forms up without any Omeda assistance, making this a complete self-serve on-going project.

    When creating the form using Omeda’s Form Builder, you can capture data such as name, title, email, company, country and even a custom demographic if the advertiser would like to collect one.  The form can be branded with the advertiser’s logo.  The Downloaded behavior is brought onto the form as a Subscription Element along with identifying the Whitepaper Title.  Once the user submits the form, they can receive an email with a PDF link to the Whitepaper they requested.  Their information is then processed to Omeda and stored as a Behavior.

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    Even better, while you have their attention, ask them if they’d like to sign up for one of your newsletters or email preferences!  Submitting the form will not only capture the lead for that user, but also generate a product subscription to the newsletter or capture that email preference.

    Take the Whitepaper one step further and deliver the leads automatically using Omeda’s Audience Builder and Lead Gen tool. To deliver these leads automatically to the advertiser (or yourself if you’d like to review first), simply set up a Lead Gen event under the Menu -> Campaign Tool.  First, create your query by selecting the Date Rage (Today minus 1 week, for example), Downloaded Action, and Whitepaper title within the Tag open text field.  Secondly, create a layout of the fields you would like to include in the output.  Lastly, go into the Lead Gen tool to schedule the job.  The Lead Gen event will allow you to select your saved query, select your saved layout and schedule the job to run on a frequency of your choice (i.e. weekly on Monday, 1st of the month, etc).   If using a date range, make sure your query date range matches the frequency of the lead gen job.  The job can be emailed to a recipient or dropped to an FTP site.

    What are some benefits of this implementation?

    • Your leads are now part of your database and can become another layer of segmentation.  Did your lead download this whitepaper, read an article on your website and open your newsletter?  Find out using your Audience Builder tool.
    • Forms created in the Builder can be copied and with a few small edits, you can have a new lead gen form up and running in less than 15 minutes.
    • Using the form builder tool, you can set restrictions and conditional questions.  Do you need to capture an opt in if the country is outside of the United States?  Do you need to ask a demographic question that only pertains to the specific client?  Do you need to disqualify certain domains or countries?  All these items can be accomplished using our Form Builder tool.
    • Deliver leads on time to the advertiser without having to go in and make the selection, output the file, and email it each time.
    • Leads are accessible at any time.  If collected and stored in Omeda, you have the ability to select them at your leisure without having to go through your contact at the vendor where you may be collecting the leads.
    • No data mapping required.  Because you are using Omeda’s Form Builder to collect the data, the content is inherently mapped within the database.
    • The Form Builder also gives you the ability to auto-populate information for the user, making it easier for them to fill out the form and get to your content quicker.

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