Omeda introduces olytics

    Last updated: July 17, 2023

    Your 360 degree view of each customer just got bigger!

    Just imagine the possibilities for engaging and attracting customers when you can track their activity on your website and instantaneously add this activity to each individual customer record. Your ability to monetize inbound traffic has now grown exponentially. The combination of web activity and the stored demographic or geographic information for each customer allows you to target each visitor with content and advertising geared to their interests.

    What is olytics?

    Streamline your tech stack: Boost efficiency, unify data & retain talent! Get expert tips now:

    • A web analytics service that tracks user activity on your website, similar to Google Analytics or Adobe Marketing Cloud/Omniture.
    • A small snippet of code is added to each of your web pages.
    • This code snippet creates a cookie on the browser for each user.
    • Omeda then captures important information about visits for both your known customers as well as any Anonymous visitors!
    • The code snippet on each web page allows for a customized “category” and “tag” that can be implemented via meta tags or customized for each page using your standard taxonomy.
    • Tracking information is sent realtime to your database.


    Web activity + interest groupings + demographic history = active and engaged customers
    That is olytics!

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