Omeda Web Forms Best Practices — Part One

    Last updated: May 20, 2024

    Webforms, though one of the most common ways we collect data from our audiences, are often something people create once and then forget about. Despite that, so far in 2018, over 850 forms have been published using Omeda’s webform builder, Dragon. We know that this took a tremendous amount of effort for our clients and partners as well as our amazing production team in Alabama. That’s why we’d like to call attention to a few forms that are exceptionally well designed or incredibly successful at doing what a webform does best– collecting data.


    Questex’s American Spa Beauty Box Form

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    In looking at this form, we are struck by its clean design and simplicity. Here the customer is led directly down the page in order to provide their information, making completion more simple. It is helpful as users can seamlessly move through each question without needing to dart back and forth across the page. Lastly, this form explains very clearly the benefits of purchasing each beauty box and communicates to the customer how their information will be used.

    Lessiter’s No-Till Farmer Subscription Form

    Within a few quick scrolls, this form achieves a lot without being overwhelming to subscribers. Here they can subscribe to the magazine, pay for their subscription, register for the website, and subscribe to additional newsletters all on a single page. Though the form is long, the instructions are clear and concise. Additionally, there are two opportunities for the subscriber to access information they may have provided previously in the grey boxes at the top and middle of the page. This form even utilizes our conditional display tool to show the correct rate options for subscribers requesting different versions or who are in different locations. Overall, the user experience is incredibly simple and productive.

    Brief Media’s Dual Magazine Subscription Form

    Brief Media’s two veterinary publications share a similar audience, so subscribers interested in one, very well may be interested in the other. The contact information and shared demographics are mapped to both subscriptions, making sign up is seamless for the subscriber. Brief Media also employs an extensive set of conditionally displayed demographic questions. Every prospective subscriber will have a form experience specific to their business and their position which allows the publisher to collect all necessary responses, and allows the subscriber the ease of completing a form that is specific to their role.

    BNP’s Newsletter Subscription Forms

    This newsletter subscription form has a great look and clear descriptions of its products, but what really makes it unique are the demographic questions. The first question on the form, a multi-response business question is tiered, allowing the form to collect a specific variety of responses without increasing irrelevant clutter for other users. This is possible because when you select a response, several more related responses appear. You may also notice that as you select responses, the next question will display the same responses but in the form of a single response question. Not only is this form collecting all businesses the subscriber’s company is involved in, but also the primary business. By using this conditional response form element, the form has the subscriber increase their specificity without seeming overly-redundant.

    We hope you’ve been able to glean some helpful ideas from the above, and thanks again to those who have worked with us and our product to create some awesome and innovative forms! Did we miss one of yours? Please send it to and we will include it in our next roundup! We would also love it if you’d reach out to share your thoughts and suggestions on how we can continue to develop efficient and visually pleasing forms and landing pages at!


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