Omeda Web Forms Best Practices – Part Two

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    Webforms Best Practices Part One blog only scraped the surface of the 1,000+ web forms completed last year by our clients. It isn’t just a fun exercise to review our favorites, but an important one for us to go through as a team. One of our team experts put it best: “Though [web forms] are one of the ways we collect data from our audiences, they are often something people create once and then forget about.” Taking a step back to recognize which of our clients and partners are utilizing new methods and clean design is very beneficial. Keeping updated form layouts helps to achieve more form completions and subscriptions for each company. There are elements of web form’s construction, overall design, integrations and features that contribute to their success beyond just data collection.

    Informa Engage’s Trusts & Estates Form

    We wanted to feature this form as it utilizes our Dragon Datapost feature. The experience here is unique in that the form collects a paid subscription and also posts a registration to On24, our latest integration partner. In this way, only the paid subscribers are able to access and register for the webinar. The blue line of copy at the top indicates that it is necessary to be a subscriber in order to take part in the online event.

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    EnsembleIQ’s Canadian Grocer Form

    One of our favorite parts about this form is that it acts as a preference center for the subscriber. In providing all of the options for which the subscriber can engage with the brand, it acts in ways to benefit both the subscriber and the brand. The range of preferences is broad and the preference center is a great way to engage consumers who otherwise might not already be a part of everything the brand has to offer. We like the clean layout, thumbnail examples provided, and easy click through boxes for opting into the mediums the user wants to engage.

    We hope we’ve inspired you with some of the ideas above. As always, please reach out to your audience services manager in order to talk about any of these features on web forms. Please also send us a form of yours or any ideas to be featured in our next round up of successful web forms.

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