Social Media – Connecting While We Social Distance

    Last updated: July 17, 2023

    During the last few weeks of social distancing, people are looking to stay connected on social media. Most channels are seeing a tremendous uptick in traffic. While we aren’t recommending spamming social, we are advocating that is an important time to think about what you can offer or do to be a leader during this time and how you can most strategically engage your audience on social media.

    Over the past two fall conference seasons, our team attended two Digital Marketing Summits in Chicago. One of the most impactful topics we heard about regarding social media was presented by Stacy Minero, Global Head of Twitter @ArtHouse. She drove home the point that “Expectations of brands are increasing. People look to brands that share their values and meaning.” Stacy showed examples of how consumers gravitate towards a brand, because there is an emotional connection. People are filled with purpose and they develop brand affinity towards brands that are doing and not just saying. This has become especially relevant today while we distance and deal with the pandemic.

    The new reality is that your audience is likely working more remotely with less in-person interaction, kids are mainly e-learning with more time to spare, and people have a significant amount of more down-time. Business2Community also published a piece regarding how social networks are seeing more activity and having to modify how they operate during this time. This article and numerous other sources have all confirmed that the average usage for social media is up across most channels.

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    Since it is no longer possible to have in-person events or be with our audience for one-on-one meetings, we look to digital to help as much as possible to fill in the gaps. While virtual meetings and webinars continue to be the new normal and add value for brands, there is also a lot of power behind connecting on social media.

    One of the greatest benefits of social media is that it allows your audience to engage on their own time. Your audience will be on social media channels when it’s convenient for them, at a time when they want to consume content. Mediums such as webinars, eNewsletters, zoom meetings and virtual events don’t offer this option. Reaching them when they want can be very successful as long as your brands are offering up valuable and relevant content in their news feeds.

    Lastly, when it comes to social media, the platforms should be the location where brands are as authentic and genuine as possible. It is important to connect with your audience in ways that are impactful and to ask yourself: What more can we offer our audience during this time as they are online reading articles about the virus? Can we break up their news feed with a unique program or offer to help them? Can we create a fun challenge that engages the audience with the brand to break up their boredom?

    Content is what builds relationships online. Now more than ever is an important time to be actively monitoring your social channels and genuinely engaging your audience.

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