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    Last updated: March 2, 2023

    Since the start of the pandemic, audiences are visiting the web for more content than usual. They are increasingly online for a variety of reasons – from finding the latest news, connecting and communicating with peers, and replacing in-person events. We thought it would be an appropriate time to measure and compare our clients’ website traffic from November 2019 to March and April 2020. The results have interesting trends and vary based off each client.

    This chart represents a portion of Omeda’s CDP clients. The 0% baseline is website traffic from November 2019.  The Blue bar represents the traffic increase for the month of March 2020.  The Grey bar represents the traffic increase for the month of April 2020. The traffic includes both known and anonymous visitors. For example, the first set of bars shows a 46% growth in traffic when comparing March 2020 to November 2019 and a 27% growth when comparing April 2020 traffic to November 2019 traffic. 

    We found that 78% of our CDP customers had at least a 20% uptick in website traffic when comparing visitors from November 2019 to March 2020.  November 2019 represents the baseline, or 0%. As you can see on the chart, some of those clients had a significant spike in traffic in March. We wanted to make sure March was not just a fluke. After comparing April’s numbers, we are still seeing 75% of our CDP customers have at least a 20% uptick in website traffic compared to November 2019.  You can see from the chart that the traffic started leveling out, but still at a steady increase compared to the end of 2019.  

    In addition to the overall traffic, we wanted to take it a step further and look at the number of known customers over those same months. Our clients saw anywhere from 3% increase in known customers to over 200% increase in known customers. This means they have that many more known customers visiting their website recently than they did back in November.   

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    This chart represents a portion of Omeda’s CDP clients. The 0% baseline is the number of Known customers in November 2019.  The Green bar represents the known customer increase for the month of March 2020.  The Blue bar represents the known customer increase for the month of April 2020. For example, the first set of bars shows a 198% growth in known customers when comparing March 2020 to November 2019 and a 226% growth when comparing April 2020 known customers to November 2019. 

    Did you make our list?  We know what you are thinking, some of this might be coronavirus search traffic or one-time visitors. (We also recognize that some of this is due to new cookies as your readers may be visiting from different devices while they work from home.) However, you should always work towards identifying those unknown cookies. It is important to tie them to your current known limited customers or current known plus customers already on file but with a different cookie. Additionally, of course you want to identify those new visitors and create customer profiles for them as well!

    How do I get started? We can help you with that. If you are a current CDP customer, your Client Success team has already created a new query folder within Audience Builder called Website Engagement (an example is shown below). Inside that folder, we created query fields that will help you identify your traffic that is consistently visiting week after week. This will help you identify those that you should convert vs. those that might have been the one-time visitors. Next, check out our recent webinars on ways to identify and convert your traffic using metering and personalization. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your casual readers into Known Audience members.   

    New Audience Builder Query Field:  

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