Unlock customer insights with Omeda’s customer data analytics platform for marketing teams

Move past vanity metrics to see what is really driving growth for your business. Omeda takes in customer data from every touchpoint and makes it available across your whole organization, so you can create better customer experiences with less time and stress.

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Marketing teams rely on Omeda's customer data analytics platform for better insights

  • Get a single view of each customer
  • Use data to drive revenue
  • Engage customers across every channel

Top 3 reasons marketing teams should choose Omeda as their customer data analytics platform

Establish a single customer view

You can’t win your customers if you don’t know them. And when your customer data is scattered across different software, you can’t see how each person is engaging with you across channels. Omeda eliminates data silos by taking in customer data from every touchpoint — social media, display and banner ads, email, events, subscriptions, and more. Get a single view of each customer, then activate them — all from one place.

  • Instantly query your audience with Omeda’s Audience Search tool. Then create more precise segments using 100+ behavioral, demographic and purchase-based filters.
  • Automated field mapping, deduping and data standardization workflows ensure that customer profiles are always current and complete.
  • Customizable database views give everyone the data they need to make an impact. Reduce time spent tracking down information and shift your focus to creative work.

Drive growth with your data

Data points don’t do much on their own. But with a clearer picture of how customers interact with you across channels, you can leverage your data to create targeted experiences that drive real results.

  • Identify your most promising new prospects with lead scoring. Work smarter, not harder, to secure new business.
  • Evaluate the performance of each webpage, landing page and email with our best-in-class reporting metrics. See how each individual is responding to your work so you can adjust your strategy in real time.
  • Increase time on site, impressions and advertising opportunities with on-page content recommendations. Tailor and prioritize recommendations based on each individual’s previous purchases and viewing history.

Engage customers across every channel

Give your customers the right message at the right time, no matter where they choose to engage with you. With Omeda’s end-to-end audience management solution, you can collect customer data, then use it to reach them across all channels, all from one place.

  • Guide each user along an automated customer journey personalized to their individual needs with Odyssey, Omeda’s native marketing automation tool. Send recurring emails and newsletters and improve over time as you automate based off of your audience’s behaviors, preferences and demographics.
  • Target lookalike audience with display ads via our integrations with social platforms (FB/IG), display (GAM), and programmatic ads (AdRoll).
  • Activate your audience using Omeda’s native email service provider. Harness your CDP data to personalize communications and drive engagements and sales.

Unlock deeper customer insights with Omeda

  • Establish a single customer view
  • Drive growth with your data
  • Engage your customers across all channels

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