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Customer success = business success. Learn how Omeda can help you smooth the path to conversion and orchestrate more effective, personalized customer journeys across every channel.

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Simplify the customer journey with Omeda's customer lifecycle software

  • Measure every part of the customer lifecycle
  • Target customers more effectively
  • Automate customer journey orchestration

Top 3 reasons marketing teams choose Omeda as their customer lifecycle software

Smooth the path to conversion with Omeda.

Measure every part of the customer lifecycle

Omeda eliminates data silos so you can track the complete customer lifecycle in one place. See how each person in your audience responds to each of your marketing assets across all channels. Place your time and resources in the channels that drive revenue — and stop putting energy in tools that aren’t seeing results.

  • Collect customer data from every touchpoint — from email and print to events and website — to create a complete view of each customer.
  • Convert anonymous website visitors into known leads with Olytics, Omeda’s website analytics software.
  • Measure the performance of your most important marketing pages via a lightweight JavaScript snippet that works with your website’s existing metadata. Identify your best design and UX assets and replicate high-performing tactics over time.
  • Track the performance of revenue-generating activities on your website, like paywalls, content gates and payment pages. See what stands in the way of a purchase and address it more quickly.

Target customers more effectively

To really win over your customers, you can’t just know how and where they choose to engage with you. You need to meet them with the resources and messages they need at every stage in the cycle.

Omeda gives marketers the 360-degree customer insights necessary to give each customer exactly what they need to make a purchase.

  • Create detailed marketing segments using 100+ demographic, behavioral and product-related fields. Run queries on our Audience Search tool to access customer profiles in real time, then add them to new segments or campaigns.
  • Use Omeda’s native email and marketing automation tool to guide each user down a customer journey that’s customized to their needs. Adjust wait times, filters, etc. to ensure you’re reaching the right people at the right time.
  • Provide on-page content recommendations, personalizations, and display ads targeted to each website visitor’s past browsing history and purchases.

Automate customer journey orchestration

From transferring customer data to creating copy and setting audience parameters, managing the customer journey manually takes costly time and energy.

With Omeda, you can create sophisticated customer journeys across channels — and automate them — so you can move quickly without sacrificing quality.

  • Create multi-channel customer journeys with multiple touch points across email, social media, display ads, and more with Odyssey, Omeda’s marketing automation tool.
  • Give each team member the information they need to create compelling campaigns with customizable database views.
  • Reduce time spent finding, resolving and cleaning customer data.

Ready to simplify customer journey orchestration with Omeda?

  • Measure every part of the customer lifecycle
  • Target customers more effectively
  • Automate customer journey orchestration

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