Marketing teams unlock lead generation with Omeda's content gating software

You work hard to create content that resonates with your readers. Make the most of each piece with Omeda’s metering, paywall and digital subscription services. Personalize your lead forms and meters to maximize submissions and customer satisfaction.

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Omeda: the content gating solution for marketing teams’ needs

  • Turn readers into leads and customers
  • Enhance customer profiles to drive growth
  • Improve your content and CX

Top 3 reasons marketing teams choose Omeda as their content gating software

Turn anonymous visitors into known

Extend the ROI of your content with Omeda’s metering solutions. Turn anonymous readers into known users and prospects without disrupting the user experience.

  • Turn website visitors into known leads and customers with meters, paywalls and digital subscription services. Customize the number of pages someone can view for “free” before being prompted to register or pay.
  • Run several meters and run them simultaneously. Display different meters to each visitor based on their past viewing and purchase history to enhance, not disrupt, their experience.
  • Customize your lead forms, designs and required fields to fit your marketing needs and user preferences.

Enhance customer profiles to drive growth

Use customer information that improves your entire marketing funnel with Omeda’s CDP and data management functionalities.

  • Omeda takes in customer data from every touchpoint — from meters and website to website and email — and combines it into one database. Enhance your customer profiles using data gathered from your meters.
  • Data flows into Omeda via nightly file sweeps and API drops. So submissions from each meter ends up in your system of record — no matter what kind of form you’re using.
  • Automated field mapping ensures that you’re only storing the data points you need to make an impact.

Improve your content and customer experience

Gating content isn’t just about getting email addresses. It’s about harnessing customer data to create content that converts and pleases your customers. Omeda’s built-in marketing capabilities make it easy to leverage your metering data to improve your content, offers and campaigns.

  • Identify popular web pages that should be gated with Olytics, Omeda’s website analytics service.
  • Use information gathered from meters to create more detailed segments. Target each group of readers with personalized offers and communications with Omeda’s native email and marketing automation tools.
  • Evaluate the performance of every lead form, CTA message and web page associated with your meters. Use this to identify your most popular topics and tweak your content accordingly.

Ready to monetize your content with Omeda’s content gating solution?

  • Turn readers into prospects and customers
  • Enhance your customer profiles
  • Improve your content and customer experience

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