Build your base with Omeda’s customer profile software designed for data management forms

Enhance, influence and reach your audience base with Omeda’s customer profile software. Get powerful context about the people and companies you’re serving, right inside your database.

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Omeda - the customer profile software that data management teams rely on to manage their user data effectively

  • Understand and track your ideal customer
  • Automate customer profile management
  • Keep customer profiles current and complete

Top 3 reasons data management teams choose Omeda as their customer profile software

Build your audience base and fuel competitive insights with Omeda’s customer profile software.

Understand your ideal audience

If your customer data is scattered across many solutions, you can’t tell what your customers need — much less win them over. Omeda combines all your customer data into one database and makes it actionable. Enhance your customer profiles and use them to create more personalized customer experiences over time.

  • Omeda takes in customer data from every touchpoint — from events and email to print — then stores it in one easily accessible database. This gives you the most current, complete picture of each customer’s interactions with your company.
  • User records are stored under a single persistent customer ID rather than email address or phone number. So your customer profiles remain up to date even if someone changes job titles or contact information.
  • Use a single customer view to generate more relevant insights and stay ahead of your competition.

Automate customer profile management

Managing customer data across many tools is tedious and time-consuming. Omeda helps you enhance your customer profiles and make them more accessible across your organization. Share knowledge and collaborate easily across teams.

  • Customer data flows in and out of the platform via nightly, weekly or monthly automated file drops, file sweeps and/or APIs. So every form submission ends up in your system of record, even if it’s submitted via a non-Omeda form.
  • Save time and resources by eliminating the need for third-party systems and sprawling IT teams. Maintain secure data access without incurring unnecessary costs.
  • Customizable database views give each team member the data they need in the format best suited for their needs.

Keep customer profiles complete and current

Inaccurate, outdated customer data makes it harder to please your audience and evaluate your campaign success. Omeda’s automated data management rules ensure that each of your customer profiles are as accurate as possible — without demanding excess time and resources from your IT team.

  • Spot and remove duplicates and errors before they’re stored via automated identity resolution, deduping and other workflows.
  • Automated field mapping ensures you’re only collecting the fields that matter most to your business — and that it’s stored in a format your whole team understands.

Ready to manage your customer profiles more effectively?

  • Understand and track your ideal customer
  • Automate customer profile management
  • Keep customer profiles current and complete

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