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Discover Email Builder – the email sending platform (ESP) that powers some of the biggest brands in the world to send billions of emails every year. With Email Builder, you can create and send high-performing campaigns that engage your audience and drive conversions.

Our platform is trusted by industry leaders and offers a range of advanced features and tools to help you optimize your email campaigns. Whether you’re looking to send newsletters, promotional emails, digital magazines, event invitations, or any other type of mass email, Email Builder has everything you need to get the job done.

Trusted by professional media, publishing and content leaders

For the best email sending platform, email marketers choose Omeda

Personalize your marketing and drive results with a smarter, data-driven approach to email.

Top 3 reasons email marketers should choose Omeda as their email sending platform

Send powerful emails at scale

Email Builder offers a range of advanced capabilities to enhance your email campaigns, including triggered emails, A/B testing, dynamic content, and conditional logic. With Email Builder, create and send high-performing emails that engage your audience and drive conversions.

  • Stay compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws with best-in-class data governance.
  • Send scalable email campaigns of all types to thousands of subscribers. The data generated automatically ties into your audience and subscription data.
  • With On Demand API and sophisticated design tools, you can send customized and dynamic email.

Maximize your deliverability

Managing thousands of subscribers manually is tedious, time-consuming and increases your risk of experiencing deliverability issues. Our expertise and experience ensure that your emails are delivered on time and to the right people.

  • Ensure your emails reach your audience's inboxes and resolve sending reputation issues with our best-in-class deliverability team.
  • Use our list management tools to segment your audience and send more relevant, targeted messages to everyone in your audience.
  • Our platform is designed to handle all email types, from newsletters to promotional emails, event invitations, auto-renewals and more.

Find what works best with detailed reporting

Our powerful, robust and nuanced reporting gives you the insights you need to optimize your email campaigns. With prebuilt reports for deliverability, brand-level performance, and individual email stats, you can quickly see how your emails are performing and make data-driven decisions to improve results.

  • Capture unique and shared insights across all your brands and individual email deployments.
  • Our automatic clickbot suppression feature ensures that your metrics are accurate and you can make informed decisions based on how real customers are engaging with you.
  • Make smarter marketing decisions, prioritize communications efforts, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Ready to send better email?

  • All the tools you need to send newsletters, paid content, triggered emails, and more.
  • Maximize your deliverability with native data governance.
  • Improve your performance with best-in-class reporting.

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