Marketing teams track and optimize their email campaigns with Omeda’s email tracking software

Without a clear view of how your recipients are responding to your emails, your team can’t create the personalized experiences your customers have to come to expect.

Omeda’s email tracking solution integrates your email analytics with the rest of your tech stack, so you can use your email data to create more targeted follow-ups and drive more sales. 

See who’s responding to each link, design choice, etc., to optimize your conversion rates and maximize your ROI.

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Get more complete email insights with Omeda’s email tracking software - the go-to solution for marketing teams.

  • Integrate email marketing analytics
  • Identify success levers through advanced analytics
  • See a customer’s entire history at a glance

Top 3 reasons marketing teams rely on Omeda’s email tracking software

Connect email marketing analytics with the rest of your tech stack to drive quicker results and generate more sales.

Integrate email marketing analytics

Having data scattered across multiple software reduces productivity and leads to data loss.

Omeda lets you integrate your email marketing analytics with customer data from all channels, from events and email to print and website. So you can tailor your follow-up to each recipient’s needs, past behaviors, and purchase — and stretch the ROI of each email.

  • Take in customer data from every touchpoint - email and print to events and website - to create a single view of each customer.
  • Keep your sales, marketing and subscription teams updated on email performance with analytics reports that provide real-time updates on click and open rates, as well as deeper insights.
  • Ensure your emails are reaching your audience’s inboxes and resolve deliverability issues with Omeda’s best-in-class deliverability team.

Identify success levers through advanced analytics

Work smarter, not harder: Use Omeda’s reporting suite to identify your most profitable customers and see which campaigns are driving the most leads and revenue.

  • Attach web tracking strings to each email link so you can see each recipient’s customer ID, deployment tracking ID, sent date or other campaign details that you want to track.
  • Evaluate the performance of each CTA and design asset with individual link reports, heat map reports, device-specific reports and more.
  • Reduce time and resources spent on campaigns that aren’t driving results.

See a customer’s entire history at a glance

Wondering whether your audience is really buying what you’re selling? Omeda’s centralized database gives you the most complete, current view of each customer’s interactions with your company. 

See what content, emails and links they’ve opened, then personalize your approach to win them over.

  • Pull up a complete, up-to-date record of each person’s interactions with your company, using our Audience Search query tool.
  • Capitalize on each customer’s interests as soon as possible with Omeda’s native email and marketing automation tools.
  • Create more specific multi-dimensional email segments using information from customer profiles.

Want to get more actionable email tracking insights with Omeda?

  • Integrate email marketing analytics
  • Identify success levers through advanced analytics
  • See a customer’s entire history at a glance

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