Unlock your potential with Omeda, an all-in-one marketing enterprise software for managers

Sick of switching between tabs and tracking down data — all before starting your campaign? Omeda combines a customer data platform, email and marketing automation tools, a form builder and subscription management into one central database. So you can spend less time managing your software and more time connecting with your customers.

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For a powerful marketing enterprise solution, managers choose Omeda

  • Execute cross-channel campaigns in one place
  • Simplify your workflow
  • Evaluate marketing performance across channels

Top 3 reasons managers should work with Omeda as their marketing enterprise software

Simplify your tech stack and seamlessly orchestrate cross-channel customer journeys with Omeda.

Execute cross-channel campaigns in one place

Feel like you’re always onboarding new software? Omeda combines a customer data platform, email and marketing automation tool, subscription management and a form builder into one central database. Create multi-channel campaigns more efficiently without sacrificing a personal touch.

  • Omeda takes in customer data from every touchpoint and stores it in one easily accessible database. Automated data cleaning, field mapping and identity resolution workflows keep your profiles complete and current.
  • Query your audience in seconds using Omeda’s Audience Search database. Use a combination of filters to create more precise multi-dimensional marketing segments.
  • Create personalized email campaigns and trigger-based emails to reach each customer with Omeda’s native email and marketing automation tools. Deliver individualized experiences at scale — while driving more conversions and sales.

Streamline your workflow

Do you spend too much time tracking down information or transferring data between different tools? Omeda ensures that everyone has the information they need to make an impact — all in one place.

  • Data flows in and out of the platform via nightly file sweeps and API drops. Customer information flows directly to your system of record no matter what form they’re using.
  • Customized database views give every team member the information they need to do their part — and nothing more.
  • Easily grant, edit and revoke access to sensitive customer information.

Connect activities to revenue

Go beyond vanity metrics to get the data you need to make smarter decisions and justify your spend. Turn data points into a game plan with Omeda’s cross-channel reporting suite.

  • Get in-depth reports on your most important marketing assets, from your landing pages and website to email, blog posts, webinars and even individual CTAs.
  • Run queries on your complete audience database to unlock key insights about your customers.
  • See how your on-page personalizations, meters and other website monetization tools are contributing to subscription revenue.

Ready to streamline your workflows while driving more successful customer experiences?

  • Execute cross-channel campaigns in one place
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Evaluate marketing performance across channels

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