Associations grow their memberships more effectively with Omeda

Simplify your technology stack and workflows with Omeda, an end-to-end membership growth and engagement platform with a native CDP, email and marketing automation, and subscription management tools.  

Omeda takes in member data from every source — from events and email to offline and website — and consolidates all your member data into one simple-to-use platform.  

With email and marketing automation built in, you can unify and manage your membership data, then translate it into marketing action  — all from one database.  

One platform allows your team to unify, track and advertise to your members more quickly and efficiently than they can with piecemeal solutions.  

Clearly demonstrate your value to members and drive even more growth. 

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Turn disparate member data into decisive marketing action

  • Gain an understanding of your members at a granular level, learning about their preferences, habits, and behaviors.
  • Use data to inform strategic decisions, ensuring your actions are grounded in concrete insights. Find and boost editorial trends or programs that resonate with your members.
  • Get real-time updates and reports, allowing you to stay on top of your membership data and trends. 
  • Data is automatically unified, so you have one profile no matter the email, address, cookie, or device your member uses
  • Easily segment your members by consent and opt-in status to stay compliant with the GDPR and CCPA.

Engage your members with detailed personalization

  • Tailor your communications to individual member preferences, increasing engagement and satisfaction.
  • Deliver personalized content based on member interests, driving higher engagement rates.
  • Craft unique experiences for each member, from onboarding to ongoing engagement based on membership type, subscription history, or content preferences.
  • Provide personalized experiences, increase member loyalty and improve retention rates.

Reduce your total cost of ownership with a fully integrated solution

  • Enjoy the convenience of having all your membership management tools in one place, reducing the need for multiple platforms. Orchestrate elaborate and personalized cross-channel campaigns targeting email, social, display ads and more — all from one unified platform
  • Improve efficiency by streamlining your processes, reducing redundant tasks and saving time with one powerful streamlined workflow.
  • Foster team collaboration with tools that allow for easy information sharing and coordination.
  • As your association grows, Omeda can scale with you, ensuring your tools can handle your growing member base.

Trusted by the world's top organizations

  • American Association for Cancer Research
  • American Library Association
  • North American Veterinary Community
  • National Safety Council

Want to see Omeda in action?

Get a customized demonstration of how Omeda can help your business.