Accelerate engagement and revenue with flexible Content Recommendations by Omeda

Omeda’s newest feature combines the power of your audience activity with our proprietary algorithm to create dynamic content recommendations to your audience – just like Netflix. Automatically recommend links, subscriptions, or sponsored content to your visitors based on their unique behaviors to drive engagement and revenue across your site. Set up new lead gen or revenue gen HTML widgets in just a few clicks.

What is Content Recommendations?

Content Recommendations is a HTML block configured just like Omeda’s Personalizations. Simply target a Behavior and Omeda will automatically recommend links – like other articles, newsletter signups, or sponsored content – in a HTML widget. Set up the widget to appear inline in the side rail, in a pop up modal, or as a bottom sticky bar.

Why audience development teams use Omeda’s content recommendation software

  • Increase visitor engagement with automated personalized content: 18% of those who click a Content Recommendation module end up clicking two or more links.
  • Drive leads for sales by automatically spotting candidates likely to convert and serve them embedded forms.
  • Promote partner content to audiences who might not otherwise discover it organically.

Autonomously build reader loyalty

Build stronger relationships with each customer with content personalized to their specific needs and preferences. Give each visitor the tailored offers and resources they expect without excess time and resources seamlessly engrained in your web page. All you need is 15 minutes for the set up and some ideas to get started – see below for our favorites.

What you can do with Content Recommendations:

  • Recommend related articles on each of your web pages. Pair recommended articles with on-page pop-ups and personalization messages to increase impressions and time on site.
  • Generate unique recommendations for each viewer based on their previous purchases, viewing history, etc. to maximize conversions.
  • Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities by automatically matching offers with visitors who are likely to convert.
  • Display sponsored content to your audience on your website. Choose between on-page HTML, exit intent or scroll trigger pop-ups to minimize impact on the user experience.

How to set up content recommendations

Getting started is easy. First, reach out to your Omeda Client Success Manager to enable Content Recommendations on your account. Note: you must be a Customer Data Platform customer and have access to Olytics.

  1. Enable Content Recommendations on your targeted behavior – typically a website visit. The algorithm to match content with visitors will run nightly.
  2. You may exclude page types or individual content so visitors will only see a set list of content.
  3. Then, set up a Personalization and check the “Content Recommendations” box. You may then set up the Content Recommendation like any other personalization with merge variables, and header text and color. That’s it!

Learn more about Content Recommendation

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