Use your first-party data to spark engagement with Content Recommendations

Put the audience experience at the heart of your business by providing more personalized, relevant content on your website – and now, in your emails too. Recommend content to your audience based on their previous activity and audience engagement data to earn their attention and attract ad revenue.

Why media businesses need Content Recommendations

Personalization is the key to engaging, retaining and monetizing your audience in the post-traffic era. But how can you personalize quickly and effectively enough to actually connect with your audience?

Enter Content Recommendations. 

Content Recommendations use your first-party data to recommend articles to each individual audience member, based on their past interests, behaviors and purchases, as well as content engagement data from similar audience members. Turn your one-time readers into repeat visitors and subscribers, all while driving useful insights and revenue for your advertisers. 

With our integrated audience data platform, you can create recommendations, target custom audiences, unify your audience data, and view analytics, all in one platform.

What can you do with Content Recommendations?

Omeda’s recommendations use your first-party data — collected from every channel – to give each website visitor and email recipient content that’s tailored to their individual interests and purchase history. 

Use Content Recommendations to: 

  • Increase engagement with owned and sponsored content through improved personalization. 
  • Convert unknown website visitors to known leads through more targeted content and products. 
  • Cross-sell and upsell publications more successfully and increase your audience’s lifetime value. 
  • Maximize revenue by expanding your ad products portfolio.

Content Recommendations: now available for email

Turn your list members into loyal readers and subscribers with Content Recommendations, now available in email. 

  • Use your first-party data to keep your newsletter readers engaged, drive engagement and maximize subscriptions. 
  • Attract more ad revenue by delivering more tailored, effective native ads in your newsletter. 
  • Streamline your workflows while delivering more precise, relevant content experiences for your advertisers and readers. 

Drive ad revenue and repeat bookings with Content Recommendations

Leverage your first-party data to help your advertisers maximize ROI and create more targeted, impactful native ads. Generate recurring revenue and secure sustainable growth for your organization. Here’s how it works:

  • Reach the right audience. Use our collaborative filtering algorithm to deliver the right content to similar audiences based on content engagement data.
  • Drive revenue through more targeted native advertising. Expand your ad product portfolio and provide native advertising opportunities for advertisers to increase revenue (higher engagement levels than traditional ads).
  • Deliver relevant, always-on-content experiences that drive sponsored content and ad engagement. If someone's interested in a topic, you can create rules to deliver that kind of content to similar audiences going forward.

How does it work?

Content Recommendations use your first-party audience data to deliver recommended articles and products to each website visitor and newsletter reader based on someone’s previous engagement and purchase activity, and engagement data from similar audience members. 

We generate recommendations based on a proprietary collaborative filtering algorithm, which predicts each audience member’s interests based on their individual page visits, email clicks and engagement data from people with similar content interests. For first-time visitors, the algorithm creates recommendations based on engagement from similar cohorts. 

Website recommendations can display as in-line injections, standard models scroll-trigger or exit-intent pop-ups. Customize to fit your user experience and advertiser needs, then track each click and conversion in our integrated audience database.

Check out our Knowledge Base for additional step-by-step instructions and visuals.

Ready to get started?

Here's the first step you'll need to take:

Contact your Client Success Manager (or submit the form below) to request enabling Content Recommendations on your account. Content Recommendations is a standalone product offered separately from our CDP and email solutions for an additional charge. (Note: Content Recommendations are reserved for CDP customers with access to Olytics.)

On your website:

Once Content Recommendations is enabled on your account:

  1. Enable Content Recommendations on your targeted behavior – typically a website visit. The algorithm to match content with visitors will run nightly.
  2. You may exclude or include page types or individual content so visitors will only see a set list of content.
  3. Then, set up a Personalization and check the “Content Recommendations” box. You may then set up Content Recommendations like any other personalization with merge variables, header text and color.

Check out our Knowledge Base for additional step-by-step instructions and visuals.

In your emails:

Once Content Recommendations is enabled on your account:

  1. In Email Builder, create a new deployment Under “Additional Options and Information,” enable Content Recommendations for the deployment. In Odyssey, create a new voyage, then from your Email Element, select the “Use Content Recommendations” checkbox. (Learn more about using Content Recommendations in Odyssey here.)
  2. Enable Content Recommendations on your desired behavior – typically a website visit, content download or email click/open. Every night, our recommendation algorithm will match users to content based on their most recent website, email and cross-channel activity.
  3. As with website recommendations, you may exclude or include page types or individual content so visitors will only see a set list of content.
  4. In the email designer, insert merge variables corresponding to each website link.

Check out our Knowledge Base for additional step-by-step instructions and visuals.

Learn more about Content Recommendations

After submitting, we'll reach out to you to discuss Content Recommendations.


Content Recommendations: An FAQ

What is collaborative filtering?

Collaborative filtering is a technique for predicting the interests of an audience in order to make a recommendation. Generally, the audience is placed into cohorts based on previous similar behaviors, in this case, page visits.

Then a new recommendation is made to members in those groups for a page that has not yet been visited.

For example: If Audience Member A visited Page 1 and Audience Member B visited Page 1 and Page 2, we might recommend Page 2 to Audience Member A. This technique is frequently used across many popular personalization algorithms.

Will Content Recommendations generate for new website visitors or email subscribers?

Yes! If a visitor is new to your website or email list, they’ll see the top recommended pages across all cohorts. As they continue to interact with your brand, the algorithm will become more attuned to their unique interests and behaviors and provide more individualized recommendations.

Will my recommendations populate for anonymous website visitors?

Yes, if an anonymous visitor has visited your page before, they will be given recommendations based on their cohort and their previous behaviors. If they have not, they will be shown the most recommended pages across all cohorts.